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I was having trouble searching for articles earlier.  From the home page, I clicked on the ARTICLES tab.  First I clicked on the "R" button for "Ricotta"--the article I was looking for.  However, nothing was there.

Next, I typed the name of the article into the search bar.  I got back a number of results, but the first three results seemed to be the correct item.  I clicked on the first one, and instead of taking me to an article, it took me to a forum thread with comments/responses ABOUT the article I was searching for, with a link to the article included.  But when I clicked on the link, I got an error message. I went back, and clicked on search result #3, and got taken to a different forum with different comments about the article, and with another broken link.

So I went back to my search results, and this time I clicked on the second result for the article--it was the correct link.  At the end of the article, however, I wanted to ask a related question regarding technique.  But when I clicked on the "Discussion" button at the top of the article, a notice was given that said the comments to the article should be about the editorial/structure of the article, not for general topic discussion of the item.  So I simply PM'd the author.

So questions/observations are:  

#1: While I understand (now, anyways) that I should have clicked on the "H" button to find the wiki "How to Make Fresh Ricotta," I don't know if searching by first word of a wiki is the best option.  For instance, if you click on "T", you find a number of articles that begin with the word "THE" but have no other subject matter that should fall under the "T" heading.  I wonder if there is a way to organize the wikis so that by clicking on "R" I would have found Ricotta topics (including the how-to article), and that those wikis starting with "THE" would be placed into a more appropriate index letter?

#2 it looks like the articles do not necessarily show up as the top search result even when typing in the exact name, and even when searching under the proper tab (e.g. Articles tab). 

#3: While I would assume that questions regarding the recipe are appropriate for the "Discussion" button found above each article/wiki, could you please clarify that this thinking is correct?  Especially since it appears that the other search results for the article took me to forums with the related previous comments about the article.