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Ello from London

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 Ello I just thought I would take the plunge and introduce myself.

My name is Wendy and I am currently studying a BSc in Culinary Arts Management.

I am 33 years old, married with a 7 year old daughter and after my degree we are hoping to emigrate to Canada, dependent on moi getting a job there 
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Hi Wendy and welcome to the forum.

Do you have a history in catering? or is your course a career change? It's always interesting to know why we all choose the path we're on.

There are a few UK members here. Myself included. When ur talking to the forum, dont expect replies straight away, 'cos America's usually sleeping while we're buzzing.

Let us know how you're enjoying your course...or not.Your input could be so important.

I'd like to wish you and your family all the best of luck with Canada. Do you have a location in mind?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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 Hiya Bughut!

I was a stay at home mum for 7 years and before that I was in retail management but I have always loved cooking and it never occurred to me to pursue it as a career but I bit the bullet and here I am.

I am really enjoying the course, it has really made me realise how serious I am about it and I came top of the class in professional kitchen skills last semester so I am feeling very chuffed with myself at the moment.

We have friends in Toronto but we also love Vancouver so we are still in the deciding phase.
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Total koudos to u Wendy. Hope u found a great way to celebrate.

I recently closed my catering business to start up a cooking school. There are so many in London, but here in Dundee I have no real competition. We're not High end. And pricing is our only major problem. Wot i need is a marketing guru...

Anway, enjoy the site.I'm a stand in as moderator while ishbels away sunning herself in Oz, so Ask me or any of the others if you need advice with the forum. We've recently started a new format  n it's got it's share of teething troubles. If I cant help u,I 'll pass u on to someone who can.
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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Hi Wendy, nice to meet you
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 Thanks Bughut and missyjean :)
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Hi Wendy. Question in the culinary arts classes you are engaged in, what text do they use =? and do they still adhere to classical french cuisine. What does the school stress the most. Are they expensive like they are here? anywhere from 10,000US to 40,000US $.
And upon graduation what can you expect in terms off jobs?  Thank You
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Hi Ed,

Here is a link to the Hospitality Faculty at my university:


It lists all the hospitality courses available at TVU and I might add my uni has one of the largest (second I think) hospitality faculties in the UK. And if you are good enough you can get placements anywhere in the world.

The degree I am doing covers a whole range of subjects from accounting, food microbiology, kitchen/pastry skills and front of house training.

For international students it would cost between $12000 and $14500 a year.

As for jobs I have no idea ask me in 2 and half years  but I do know TVU has a pretty good record for employment after graduation.
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Hi there Wendy,

Welcome to the forum.. :)
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