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Scallop sashimi with a twist

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Hello, hello,

This is my first post and I would like to ask about scallops.  I'm trying to impress somebody and I decided that scallop sashimi might be a good idea as she loves seafood and sushi.  Normally I do the sashimi over a salad of diced kiwi, tomato, and cucumber with a rice wine/soy vinaigrette (no dressing on the scallop).  However, she does not care for soy or vinegar if they come in strong flavors.  Any suggestions on a preparation?

My first thought was a couple of drops of walnut oil on the plate, scallop goes down, and then a fine spritz of a sun-dried apricot vinegar/soy combination to get a touch of the acid and soy flavors without having a strong flavor.  However, it feels like the dish would be missing something if I stopped there.

Feel free to amend or expound upon my ideas or suggest completely new ones.  Thanks.
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Sashimi from live scallops is quite impressive indeed.  Perhaps use a spray bottle to mist your vinaigrette over your original salad.
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with diced Granny Smith apples and Maui sweet onions and a vanilla bean and black pepper vinaigrette

with a grilled pineapple, christophene, and toasted coconut relish and  a lightly curried pineapple sauce

with a banana lime salsa and a molasses rum syrup

with seaweed salad and Japanese spinach with sweet sesame seeds, and served with a trio of sauces; a wasabi, a sambal oelek, and a fermented black bean and garnished with gomasio

with a champagne gelee, diced kiwi and star fruit , and drizzled with a cardamom syrup

with a curried mango sorbet and a honey lime syrup

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Scallop goes REALLY good with acidity. Notice how above every recipe has acidity, unless theres no acidity in the seaweed salad then thats discluded. Another classic dish would be scallops and beurre blanc. Also, it's SO easy to make a scallop dish look nice. Make lines of sauces make a little line of good sea salt across the plate, etc. Scallops is a good way to go if trying to impress someone

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Sounds good. =)

Thought of serving it in the shell?

Try taking it out, cleaning the shell, and serving the sashimi in the shell on top of a pile of crushed ice.

I've seen it served with Momiji Oroshi (daikon minced with chilli), Beni Shoga, or with Shiso leaves and a yuzu dressing.

Yuzu has a pleasant acidity without being too punchy, good traditional alternative to a soy dressing, or you could add soy and make Ponzu.

In shell, sliced on top of shiso leaf, small dot of momiji oroshi, yuzu dressing, with a grain or two of fleur de sel and some chervil would be my bet.

Scallop sashimi = Hotategai btw =)
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