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Goat Fat

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Just butchered our billy goat.
Does anyone know if Goat Fat can be used in any type of cooking?

I am presently rendering it w/water, rosemary and sage.
....but im wondering what to do with it.

Its very strong smell! It smells just like Ulysses did!

would love any suggestions.

He was quite fatty. Usually goats are not this fatty. So i didnt want to waste the fat.


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Waste the fat.  It is goatesque in the worst way.

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aww, really?
it wont taste good in anything?! shucks.

wonder if i could use it in soap...???

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What's do you call that tantalizing aroma? 

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strong feta?

I actually like the smell. Most people dont.
I enjoyed the smell of Ulysses...so goaty.
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