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Know thy oven!

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Ok.  Joy of Cooking p.108 -  quiche lorraine. 
Ok.  Not hard it seems.

Pre-cook crust- ok, it's pillsbury.
Mix ingredients and add in right order - done.
Turn down heat by 75 degrees due to convection oven- done.

23.5 minutes and the thing is rising like in a B rated horror show- dark brown too.

i'm leaving it in with for another several minutes- oven off

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it appears i lucked out.  the custard is moist and the heavy browning on top isn't bad at all.

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nicee i love quiche. you can make your own pie shell, its not hard, butter and flour and some salt and water. i actually dont flash bake my pie shell and just pur the custard in and let it do its things, comes out deliciouse everytime, well except that one time we forgott to take it out of the oven and it was charred lol.omplet in a shell but yeah its awsome, you know what they say even real men eat quiche!!
Chef it up errrrday!!!
Chef it up errrrday!!!
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