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Chicago food

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 I am going to be in Chicago for a weekend in May. I've always wanted to go and I'm planning things to do to maximize the time I have there. 
I've been wondering whether the walking and eating tours are fun. I went to one in NYC and loved it.
I don't want to spend a fortune on dinners so I'd love some recommendations for good restaurants including ethnic ones( Thai, Vietnamese).
Other than deep dish pizza and neon green relish on hot dogs, what foods define Chicago?

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We're going to be there in May as well and I posted in the late night cafe a while back asking for suggestions and there is lots of info in that thread.  Here's the link (I hope this works)

Hope this helps.  If you look in the reviews there is an article about Hot Doug's.. we are sooo going there!  My husband will think he has died and gone to heaven.
OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
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Publican. Make reservations far in advance for one of Chicago's hottest, new, upscale restaurants. Feels like a German Beer Hall. Be sure to try the pork rinds!

* The Berghoff (nka 17 West at The Berghoff) or The Berghoff Cafe, a 100+ year old German brewery. The food is nothing to write home about, but for the historical experience and the beer it's worth a visit.
* The Walnut Room at Marshall Fields, nka Macy's, on State Street was first opened in 1907. 
* The Green Door Tavern. Built in 1872, this River North building has a colorful history as a grocery store, restaurant and speakeasy.

Chicago Style Food: 
• Chicago style hot dogs
Hot Doug’s
Superdawg (old fashioned drive-in w/car hop service)
• Chicago style deep dish (aka stuffed) pizza
UNO 's
My personal fav is not a stuffed pizza, but a pizza pot pie at Chicago Pizza and Ovengrinder:
• Italian Beef
Johnnie’s (in the 'burbs)
Buona Beef
Al's #1

Saganaki was first created in Chicago at the Parthenon restaurant in the 1960s. Saganaki is flaming cheese and is a must-try for visitors.
Be sure to try a Frappe in the summer (Greece's version of cold coffee).
* Pegasus Veranda (Rooftop) for a summer evening and view of the Sears Tower. Note: you can only order “mezedes” (appetizers), so try several and share.
* Athena outdoor garden terrace for a summer afternoon
* Artopolis or Nine Muses for a modern café style and younger crowd (warning, there is no saganaki served at Artopolis).
* Santorini for seafood and upscale dining


• ANN SATHER’S (Swedish)
• LOU MITCHELL’S (not to be confused with Lou Malnatti’s)
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Welcome Colleen,

Job done!
Wow....that looks like an invaluable, insider's guide to the good life in Chicago. I'm imagining this is a distillation of a lot of restaurants.
On behalf of anyone who benefits (if only the restaurants and, sadly, I can but dream) thanks for the effort & for sharing. Skilled use of the site too!

Thankyou...come again!
"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."
Allen Saunders, 1957.
"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."
Allen Saunders, 1957.
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 Thank you.  I created this list long ago for my friends who would come into town over the years and wanted to try Chicago's food.  We are a restaurant town for sure.  I did leave out the 5 star pricey restaurant options since momsdacook wanted to stay on a budget.  
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