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Baking & Pastry Certificate Scholarships?

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I'm new to the forum, and have just signed up to get my certificate in Baking & Pastry (so I can learn while I work!).

Are there any scholarships available to students going through the certificate program?  I have only found scholarships for degrees so far.

Any help would be wonderful - thank you! :)


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Hello Im doing baking/pastry too and I have been looking as well and cant really find anything. I found a list of organizations that offer culinary arts scholarships, but nothing really specifically for baking/pastry arts People call me Kat too. Where are you going to school at?
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hello there.

just want to ask did both of you manage to find scholarship for pastry art???

im looking for it to.

aythng bout pastry plaese update me.


good bless ~

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i forgot to mention. im from Malaysia.

is this scholarship also open for Malaysia student.?

and tq for the sharing the

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I'm going to Lincoln Culinary Institute in Hartford, CT and I need as many grants and scholarships I can get to pay for the $30,000 tuition of the International Baking and Pastry Program I enrolled in. I already filled out my FASFA form, and I am searching almost every night and stressing over the scholarships, hoping that they won't be a scam or anything. I want to avoid loans until it is a last resort. I begin class in September 2013. Is there anyone that can help me with this? (the program is about 2 years and a certificate program) That's my story so far, I just need some help for my future to be not a dim one. 

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I graduated from Lincoln it's a one year program and it's ok not great but ok.  I am starting at Culinary Institute of America in April and I wish I had just gone there in the first place.

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When I was a student at Johnson & Wales in the Baking and Pastry Program (An amazing program), I received a James Beard Scholarship. 

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Haha its been a while, and a lot has happened:


I have denied going into the Lincoln Culinary Institute, and decided to switch from the National Guard to the ARMY. I found out that the ARMY has a lot more for me than the Guard after all. So now Im waiting for me to swear in after so much waiting and paperwork.


Anyways, I dont think I am in need of scholarships anymore. Haha, dont really know why I'm posting this, but Im glad I didnt go to Lincoln after all. thanks for recommending that.



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