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rice dishes

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Does anyone have a favorite rice dish, easily plated and paired with a chicken cordon bleu?
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Chicken cordon bleu is quite rich and already has a bit of starch in the form of the crust, so I find it usually goes better with veggies: a simple salad, some sauteed or steamed green veggies, etc...

But if you do want rice, maybe a simple pilaf with thinly sliced onions and bell peppers? A nice asparagus risotto (may be challenging to plate with a cordon bleu though)?
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Thanks for the ideas FF I like the triple on the plate for balance and plating is the issue with us. A non pro kitchen and few staff. I like the simple rice pilaf, I'll probably get some color into it. Thanks again.
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    A simple pilaf is what I was thinking too.  Just something made with fresh vegetables and herbs that you have on hand...maybe finished with a little zest to pick it up.

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