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Steak and Newcastle Ale Pie

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I found this recipe under heading Wiki,  can someone please tell me what cut Northumberland steak is, I live in South East United Kingdom (England).  the reason for my question is that I note the cooking time for this particular cut is relatively short so cannot be a braising cut.

Many thanks.  
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I've never heard of this one Seaside. The trouble is that (here in the US, anyway) the same cut of meat has a number of different names depending on where you are in  the country. I also know that transatlantic names vary. I'd suggest going to a real butcher if there is such a thing in your neighborhood and ask them.

Maybe it's "Geordie" for chicken
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That's interesting, I've never heard of a Northumberland steak - but presume if it's for a pie it would be something like a casserole beef or stewing steak - but from beef raised in Northumberland?

Newkie Broon (a local way of describing Newcastle Brown Ale) is owned by Scottish & Newcastle breweries!
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I suspect what's meant by "Northumberland steak" is the region rather than a particular cut.  I'd go with round steak, shoulder clod, or something similar.  Obviously, if you're using a  lesser cut, make sure it has plenty of marbling. 

That said, the recipe has a link to Jackson's Catering, its putative creator.  If you really want to know, why not ask Jackson's?

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 Many thaanks to all who replied  -  Geordie  Chicken  --like it!!

BDL - am e-mailing Jacksons.
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in reply to  Boar d laze

BDL,  have not yet received a reply from Jacksons, so will go with you on this and use round steak, which we know as rump steak in UK.  Many thanks  

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