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whole grain donuts

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I'm trying to make raspberry and tangerine donuts with whole grain. No finish. Trying to get the flavoring into the dough. When done I want the donut color the same as the flavor... tangerine is orange-ish, etc.


Q: is using concentrated flavorings going to colorize the product as I want or should I color it some other way? I'm going to use albino wheat to let the color come through. Should this work?


Where can I get potent fruit [liquid] flavorings in a store around Boston or my mail online?

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Hey pmarc,


As a source for otherwise hard to find extracts, you might want to try Silver Cloud Estates.  They have flavors you don't see to commonly elsewhere.


White whole wheat flour should work well for you. 


Even so, I doubt you'll get the depth of color you want from the extract alone.  For the tangerine, I suggest using ordinary food coloring to get a light shade of orange, and adding zest to the dough make it pop.  The zest will also add to the depth of flavor as well.  Similarly, with the raspberries, you may want to put some coarsely chopped berries in the dough.


Hope this helps,


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Thanx. Will do. By the way, know how to create an extra-crinckled surface effect?

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The orange zest came through but you're right - will need coloring in addition to the orange extract.



pasty inside

brittle crust


anyone have solutions for this?

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lower the temp of the oil you are frying it in. this will allow it to cook evenly

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interesting. [it also tasted yeasty]. but you know.. i ain't a chef. i'm in consumer packaged goods marketing. and this stuff is beyond me. to deal with the recipe iterations with this, especially with 10 flavors will take me a lifetime.


anyone know a baked goods co-pack facility in new england that is good at new product formulations? i could call the r&d houses but i don't have the cash. this is a risk/reward thing and the co-packer has a tangible reason to get involved. maybe gets an equity position with my company in return for not charging me much for the r&d.


thanx, paul

hopkinton ma

508 435-2215

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