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Brown Rock Sugar

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I was looking at a cookbook today and ran across a recipe for a sweet cinnamon liqueur.  It calls for "brown rock sugar".  Is this turbinado sugar?  I googled but wasn't completely sure so decided to come ask you guys.



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Piloncillo sugar maybe. Its a Mexican brown sugar that is pressed into hard cones.

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You may be right.  The recipe calls for 7 ounces.  It doesn't say anything about breaking it up but shows step-by-step pictures and the picture shows a rough granulated looking substance.  It's not really clear.

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See full size imageThis picture shows what we would call rock sugar-they are like little stones of brown sugar.  Up until a few years ago they were often served with coffee in restaurants and cafes here until individual sachets took over.

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in my neck of the woods it can be purchased at health food might try looking at one in your area.

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