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Waitstaff shtuff

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What do you provide for waitstaff uniforms?


aprons with your logo

tux or white shirts (monogramed?)


polos with logos


Do you maintain them & buy them or do they?


cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Lately, I've been thinking of buying shirts with my logo/name for the cafe.  It's never been an issue until recently when I hired a girl who does this "layering thing".  Tank top under a shirt under a zip front (girly) sweatshirt.  The easiest way to get a look for the cafe is to get them all v-neck tees.


For catering, we all wear black or khaki pants depending on the event, with a black or white shirt and black apron.  The cook wears a chef's jacket, and I wear black pants and a dressier top.  Thinking of getting a more uniform look here too, since not everyone chooses the same style of outfit.


I wouldn't be responsible for laundering their uniforms.

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Require Black pants, white shirt, we provide aprons...........Chef BillyB

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