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We turned in our menu project today for our menu class. Hopefully, you can see a PDF of the various elements >> here (PDF) - (I'm even partially trademarking entities in this post on 6/7/10 =D).


This is for our "management by menu" class only, not our various other menu/restaurant design oriented classes like capstone, purchasing, planning/costs, etc. This class is focusing on menu design so only certain aspects are focused on (where similar projects in other classes focus on their priorities).


Balance; cross-utilization; cross-promotion; full menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner; visual design; concept-/process-driven development are the kinds of focus here. Otherwise things are generally rough, we aren't being dinged by being off by $3 on our estimate for something, so long as we're demonstrating the processes that get us to the destination - eg, what's the rationale for pricing the CFS at 17.95?


Posting it more because I know I'd have found it curious before I took this class and would want to see it, and partly because the concept is fun and there's some good design ideas in there.


There's a ton in there tho: a 4 page evening menu, with a single page overlay for lunch, a 2 page breakfast menu, a 2 page kid's menu, 2 pages that represent two sides of a table tent and a identity (logo) style guide kind of thingie. It's in an odd order for printing, so the cover page is page 2 for example.




- 'nuthiast