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Foraging mushrooms is great exercise for mind, body and spirit AND you get the additional bonus of bringing home the goods. This year has been good to me regarding my mushroom harvests. Soon Spring Kings (Boletus rex-veris) will be up in force. Here are a few pics of some key harvests during the past year.


Queen Boletes, Horns of Plenty, Winter Chanterelles


Sonoma County Horns of Plenty 034.JPG


Sonoma County Horns of Plenty 038.JPG





Morchella elata and Morchella deliciosa...

Morchella deliciosa 020.JPG

Morchella elata May 14, 2010 003.JPG





Cantharellus cibarius...

jan 10th 007.JPG





Candy Caps - Lactarius fragilis


Candy Caps 001.JPG