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I rate the food here excellent.  Its along the lines of the food you would find on a cruise, and you can order 2 entrees, 2 appetizers, etc if you wanted.


The dishes ranged from good but could be better to excellent in both taste and presentation, most on the excellent side.


There are 7 restaurants, Italian, Japanese, French, Dominican, Mexican, Grill, Fish


Some notible dishes I had were:

Oregano Goat Stew- this is native to the Dominican Republic

Corn Flan

Lobster with Dominican Sauce

Beef tenderloin with a carmelized onion mashed potato side that was incredible

All of the raw fish was good, tepanaki, sushi, ceviche

Even the pizza had a homemade crust that was really good.


The nice thing was a lot of these dishes had a twist on them, like the lobster bisque was made with like more of a dark  stock than a thickened whitish stock.


I plan on going back to just to try more of the food dishes.

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