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Imparting Flavor

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I am hoping to get a quick response if anybody has a chance.  My boss recently purchased a sous vide machine for my galley.  I have used it about five times so far and have obtained the perfect time/temp combo and delivered perfectly cooked perfectly tender meats.  However, he had asked me for a specific recipe for rack of lamb using forty cloves of garlic, large amounts of rosemary and olive oil.  I marinated it for three hours before cooking it sous vide and then seared the outside with a torch before serving and he said that the flavors did not carry over to the meat.  Any ideas why this might have happened or tips for the future? Tonights meal is 5oz bone in lamb loins sous vide. I was planning to use a basil and parmesan mixture for the flavors as he has requested to be towards the Italian side tonight. He buys the meats from his farms and sends them to me so I don't have a choice in that matter if it makes a difference. 

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It has been my experience with lamb that the cloves of garlic should be "larded" into the meat. Create small thin pieces from the cloves of garlic. Take a small knife and insert it into the meat, twist to open it up a little more, then stick that piece of garlic into it. Do this all over the piece. (Of course this works better with a leg of lamb but you can do it albeit with tinier pieces.)

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Thanks. That might have been the problem.  We'll see how the lamb works out tonight and I'll post back when I get a sec.

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