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I am needing some advice/knowledge from my fellow Texans. I am currently in the process of setting up an off site baking business. I will not be obtaining a retail space nor will I be cooking out of a home kitchen (because as far as i can tell that is not legal in TX). I WILL be renting out commercial kitchens and then selling my product at farmers markets and filling orders placed. 


My question for you pro's out there is what permits/licenses/ process do I need to make this happen? I've obtained my DBA and left messages for the health department. Thus far, my call has not been returned so I turn to you for help! 


I know I need a sellers permit but in order to obtain a business license, what guidelines need to be met via the kitchen I rent? Are there any? Are there any guidelines for the sellers permit? Do I file for Class C and Roadside vendor permits? 


Any sage advice from you seasoned professionals would be VERY helpful. 


Thank you so much!