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better homes and garder new cookbook

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just wonder what your thoughts are on Better Homes and Garden cookbook.......i have seen folks use this cookbook from way back...does it have good receipes, this just a basic cookbook, and nothing more......


i got the joy of cooking tonight for $9 off ebay...stole it

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I have this book and it's earlier editions.  It worked for me until I started getting more involved in cooking and flavors.  It is a good standby when you need to make something not too involved.

When I started baking, I started with their quick breads. My husband loved them. However, after trying other recipes, I have found recipes I like a lot better.


Still, I turned to this book the other night when I needed a quick cheese sauce for macaroni.  It didn't come out as well as the recipe I once made from Cook's Illustrated Best New Recipes

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thanks for the great answer, gave a bit of insight to the has been around for years, even my mom used it  a lot in her cooking days, and still does as far as i know....i was thinking your great comments, and i have sort of the same thoughts you have...iits good , basic and simple cook book,,that just gets the job done in a basic way...nothing fancy.


i just bought joy of cooking off it for $9....what are your thoughts on that book misseyjean?


i had allways wished i was a chef, just never got to school....making great sauces and pastrys,,,,,,,breads...i am now making no knead  ciabatta bread by chef -

 No-Knead C No-Knead Ciabatta Breadiabatta BNo-Knead Ciabatta Breadread No-Knead Ciabatta BreadNo-Knead Ciabatta Bread

John Mitzewich


curious how its gonig to come out...about 20 hrs to make it

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John, everyone seems to like Joy. which version did you get? That is a great price!!


Have you checked out any of the Cook's Illustrated books?  


New Best Recipes is a book I enjoy using.  Everything I have made, with the exception of Apple Crisp, has come out good.  The recipes are rather involved, but, you enjoy cooking so you might like it.

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thanks for the crisp sounds good.....might grab that one too........later

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