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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Chris, I come from Bristol in England. I've just finished school and am hoping to become a chef cos I love cooking and think I'm pretty good at it :)

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Hi Chris, good luck with the new career. I must say that I am an oddball here, I don't like cooking all that much but I do love eating! That means if I want one I have to do the other. Actually I do enjoy it when I get going, it is just the prospect of all that ingredient collecting I think.

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Thanks Celie. Haha sometimes I wonder whether it's the cooking or the eating that I prefer!

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I'm ethan 

I love food esspecially chinese food

Any one who expert at chinese food please add me as your friend, thanks

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Welcome to the ChefTalk Chris.  Hope to see you around.


D. Clay

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welcome dear

nice to meet you.

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