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Culinary school after job?

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I am currently working at an extreamly nice resort as a banquet cook, I have completed 1 year of culinary school at an applied technology college.  I'm not sure if I should keep going to culinary school.  I am NOT okay with being a line cook or a mediocre cook.  I'm not sure if all the things I would learn from culinary school I would just learn from work experience.  Price does not worry me (I'm not rich but willing to pay for my future). 

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Oh wise one take second year, you can also take other classes at the same time. Two birds with one stone.

- A friend

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Well duh I'm taking the 2nd year, I owe Tony my first born child.  But AFTER that should i continue to take culinary or the job (seeing how I will only be able to take one or the other because of times).

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Oh...you had me worried there for a second:) i would work until you stop learning things and then move on to another place.

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