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Restaurants in Seattle

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I'll be moving to Seattle in under a week, and it'll be my first time in that corner of the country.  Does anyone have any recommendations for good places to work/eat, preferably within walking distance of Capitol Hill?  Thanks!



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There are a number of good restaurants in the Seattle area.  Some more info is needed for good recommendations, though.  What do you consider walking distance?  Five mile radius?  If you're close enough, Pike Place market and the rest of downtown will offer you even more options.  Also, what is it that you're looking for, specifically?  If you want to work in an award-winning restaurant, do some web searches for the kinds of awards you feel best fit your aspirations.  If you want local trends, or just generally good quality food to work with in a neighborhood atmosphere, do some exploring when you first get there, talk to neighbors, and read reviews in local papers, etc. 

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I can tell you anything you need to know.  8^)


I'll buy you a beer when you get here and we'll talk.


If you're interested, I'll send you my number in private. 

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thanks for the replies.  I'm very liberal with the term "walking distance."  Judging by the map, downtown seems no problem.  I've been looking at some places in Queen Anne.  Does anyone have an opinion of "Tolouse Petit"?  I've got a bit of an infatuation with Louisiana food.  As for what I'm looking for.  I'm not concerned about awards or big names, but I am a bit older (29) with a year of experience in the kitchen, so I'd rather be dishwashing at a high end place than on the line at Applebees (not that I don't need to learn how to keep track of a buttload of steaks at the same time).  I'm not too concerned with type of food, as long as it's not too specialized.  I'm interested in the fundamentals, French, American, Pacific Northwest all seem like a good idea to me.


Thanks folks,



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There are SO many restaurants here.  And it's extremely easy to get around if you don't have a car man.


The buses go EVERYWHERE! 


They run really late too for people like us.


I got your message though.  Let me know when you get here and I'll shoot you my cell# 


*edit  -  by the way, I work at one of the nicest places in town.  Might be able to hook you up.

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Capital Hill is really the mecca of the restaurant boom right now in this city.  If you are going to be living there, you would have no reason to seek work outside the neighborhood.  There is a new, or relatively new restaurant on almost every corner - and most of them are receiving outstanding reviews. 


Seattle is lousy with restaurants but the employers can afford to be picky since we have so many culinary students, professionals, and "superstars" in this town.  You should take advantage of CheeseNbacon's offer because it makes all the difference if you know someone who already works in a good joint.


Good luck and come soon before the rains start!

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I can't say that I agree with Capitol Hill being the mecca, so to speak...


The entire Downtown area, and metro for that matter.  Lake Union, Magnolia, Ballard, Bellevue, Queen Anne.  The list is just endless.


Capitol Hill has changed so much lately (which I hate....), and I think this 'new restaurant' thing will fade a little when these places find their true niche.  The beauty of that area though, is the people (the locals are second to none when it comes to being progressive, forward thinkers, and just weird dressers and not-give-a-damn types)... and the location is close to everything. 


You're right though trk.  The whole hill is changing so fast.  It creeps me out, because I was born and raised here.

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"Mecca" in the sense that all the new restaurants have attracted a great deal of attention and visitors.  I don't believe the best food is had on the hill but the excitement and buzz has been focused in that area for a while now.  Lake Union is another, as you mentioned.  Bellevue - well, might as well be Portland for all the interest most Seattleites have in travel ling over the bridge!


Sometimes it feels like there is a restaurant for every 5 people in this city! 

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I totally agree. 


And I also agree with Bellevue sucking.  I'm just talking about progression.  haha

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I am in the same situation as Justin as I am planning to move to the Seattle area after my wifey gives birth to our daughter, which would be sometime in Jan. So I guess we would prob be moving up there close to middle feb or march. I am researching restaurants and hotels, as Seattle has so many great ones, and Im just curious what advice I can get from those that live there as far as getting a Job. I dont want to work for some corporate place! Something thats unique, exciting, challenging and fun, where I can utilize my passion and skills. I have 15 years of restaurant exp. with multiple dynamics of cuisine.

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