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Using Lavender in Desserts

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I am a catering chef and we have an upcoming plated dinner for 600-650 in a few months.  Our client is interested in us incorperating the color purple into the dessert.  I try to avoid food colorings and keep dishes chemical and additive free.  I have had luck with a lavender lemon flan in the past an but made a lavender sugar to flavor it and did not get any color. I also was thinking of making a lavender panna cotta depending on which direction my client goes with their menu choices. 


The question is, has anyone had luck getting a lavender color from lavender?  If not, is there another way to get a natural purple tint into (I'm thinking steeped into a cream to be used in the dessert) on my dessert plate? I have little experience with lavender and would appreciate any feedback. Also, I'm not married to the cream based dessert, it was just the initial brain spurt.



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what about just garnishing with a lavendar colored sugar garnish? like pulled sugar or bubble sugar?


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Or make a lavender ice cream and garnish with a sprig of lavender? Or for that matter you can garnish any dessert with a sprig of lavender…
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P.S. I really don't think you can extract the color purple to any discernible degree by steeping it. At best you would get a light blue grayish color.
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