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Driving simulator

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Every year we are going to Great Britain for holidays (we are a few weeks home now). I have a drivers licence, but I want to learn to drive left. I am afraid to do that for real. I want to practice it first at the computer. When you makes an accident, it doesn't matter. Because your real car is safe here. And you cannot drive people dead. Do you know if there is an English site (without downloading a program) where I can practise it to drive left?


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Sorry, but I've never heard of such a site.  Perhaps if you contacted the website of one of the big UK Driving Schools, such as BSM (British School of Motoring) they may be able to offer guidance.

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From my friends who travel to left drive countries, they say the bigger adaptation is once you return to your native country. They've all driven on the wrong side once they returned home and weren't concentrating on the issue.

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