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Hi all

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Hi all,


I'm not actually doing any professional cooking or the sort - I'm just a student of hospitality & management course; from Australia. I've just entered the industry about 2 months ago (that is when I started my course!). Hope I can find and share infos with everyone!


See you all around!

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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk!


We have members from around the globe, including a few from Australia - one of my favourite countries - I was a visitor earlier this year, and spent time in NSW, ACT and Melbourne.


The members are from all branches of the culinary professions and beyond - for instance, I'm a very enthusiastic amateur, but we have masterchefs on here, too,


There is a section for culinary students which you might find of interest - but feel free to post in any of the threads you find interesting on the site or even start your own.  The huge range of articles and amazing photography on the site are also worth a look!

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Thanks Ishbel!

In my school, I don't really do any cookery, more like the front of house, the food, cashier and bar attendants (Hence the 'server' part). :)

I wish somehow they would let us hospitality student do a simple dish or some sort in their kitchen! May not be a good idea, since we'd cut our fingers and all that, but hey, its all the experience!


Though, I do cook at home often. I'm sure I will find some threads interesting!

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This site is for ALL the people who work in the hospitality trades...   we've got food writers, bistro owners and all points in between!

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