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Just a PSA re: KA KSB560 blender replacement parts

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Don't count on any. At least that I could find.


Blade broke after about 20th use on some frozen fruit...can't find a replacement, only found a replacement jar, for more than half the price I paid for the blender!



Knew I should have gotten the vita mix or waring.

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Oh well.  On the other hand, now you can get the better blender and a new spin on frozen cocktails.



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This is about the only 'spin' on frozen cocktails I'm SOMEWHAT slightly interested in...however having just been to Alinea last month, I wasn't impressed by Chef's 'spin' on cocktails as a solid/gel.


that waring BB180...suitable for daily juicing and occasional soups/sauces and such?  Looks like it's a little less HP than the KA...but i'm guessing much more durable?



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Randle P.,


It's a jen you wine commercial mixer and is more durable than your old KA (alev ha sholem) by a standard deviation, if you know what I mean. 


It's not a Blendtec or VitaMix, but it doesn't cost $500 either. 


Oddly, I just reviewed mine today and posted it to CFG.   That may be helpful.  .   



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I trust you when you say the "blade broke", and I'm assuming you mean the metal itself.  One thing I found about blenders that I immediately HATE is my Cuisinart uses these plastic clutch pieces to make the motor turn the blade.  I looked at Kohl's recently to see if this is the way everything is.  Everything they carried other than Oster used this method of moving the blade.  I managed to burn the nubs off my Cuisinart and it was $8 or so for the part off ebay and a fairly easy replacement.  However, what bothered me is that it would NEED replacement.


Mom's old Oster isn't pretty, and you're not going to get "small appliance of the year aesthetics" from it, but by golly, I won't fix my Cuisinart again but will just pay the extra and get an Oster next time around.  All-metal "drive" is what I'm interested in. 


Of course, this doesn't really address your issue, as the blade itself broke on you, but perhaps it's something worth checking out when you buy your next blender.

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yeah, the actual metal broke in 2.


I'm guessing cheap metal and going from room temp to super cold, then hot again just made it brittle.


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