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   This Huddler system is so nice to use...quite powerful and intuitive too.  I'm surprised they don't perform member searches better.  Although, maybe they do and I'm just having difficulty finding where the member search is located.


  .  I know that you can type a specific name into the (all) searchbar and reach the results from there.  But there are many times when a persons username is spelled some unique way.  In other forums, when you perform a member search a list of names is visible in a drop down menu as you type (performed like Googles auto match search function).  This feature would make it much easier to search for a specific member.


   Perhaps a members tag with the auto match search function would work well. 


   Once viewing a specific member it would be helpful to have a bit more power searching within their member page.  If I go to PeteMcCracken's profile page I can quickly navigate from product, forums, wiki's and so on.  But there doesn't really seem to be a quick and powerful way to search within the results from a members profile.  A nicely placed search bar could do the trick (next to "PeteMcCracken's profile page" a search bar would work well to search within the results for this member).


   thanks for listening...