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Travelling for Truffles

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I've been a stranger for so long on Chef Talk I'm kind of embarassed to be asking, but I figured where else can I go for the best foodie-travel advice?


So here goes.  My friend and I will be travelling to Alba this October (5 weeks and counting!).  We will do Florence, Bologna, Lake Como, and a few other stops too.  Our biggest interest is of course the white truffle which we would give our right arm for an opportunity to hunt down ourselves.  Other biggies are cheesemakers, charcuterie, and whatever gastro surprise is in the cards for us.


Anyone have suggestions?  Great experiences? Hotels and restaurant ideas are welcome too.



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   Hi Anneke...welcome back.


   You mention that you'll be in Italy this October, is it near the end of October?  I'm thinking you may be able to catch the beginnings of this years olive oil harvest.


    I wish you an indulgent vacation,


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Thanks Dan, I'll be sure to check it out!

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