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The reason why Catfish are getting a bum rap:


I grew up eating catfish & bullheads freshly caught out of the Mississippi River between Wisconsin & Illinois on the east and Iowa on the west.  Many folks don't care for the taste of Catfish & Bullheads because they both have a much more "fishy" flavor than other fish such as Cod, Pollock, Haddock, etc. Mississippi River Catfish seem to have an especially "fishy" flavor, more so than Catfish caught in the 7 lakes in Cherokee Village, Arkansas for example.


There is a way to prepare Catfish & Bullheads to eliminate the "fishy" taste but leaving behind a delicious taste of the fish ... a cornmeal batter that my husband learned how to cook from his leading chef during the years that my husband used to own a restaurant.   This batter can be used when frying or baking or broiling or deep fat frying or grilling, when making Catfish Balls, and much more.


The batter is a little yellow or white cornmeal or a mixture of yellow & white cornmeal, a little milk, an egg or two, a little tiny dab of creamy horseradish sauce to give it a little zing (the heat cooks out, the flavor remains), a little freshly ground kosher or sea salt & a little freshly ground black pepper. A little Cayenne Pepper can be added to give the batter a Cajun touch if desired.


This batter works well on any seafood item, not just on Catfish or Bullheads ... lobster, scallops, oysters, clams, shrimp, crawfish, any variety of fish, etc. and it's 100 times better tasting that the batter used by Long John Silver's restaurant.

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I grewup eating catfish in Arkansas. Today I buy farm raised catfish from Arkansas or Mississippi. They have replaced rice fields with holding ponds to raise them and feed them pelets. They get the propert diet and do not taste strong like the ones caught in rivers. I am sure there is a catfish assoc. that has recipes on their site. I like mine battered in corn meal and fried but baked catfish is also good.

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Just found this website (so glad I did)! Had to respond to your blog.  Love, love, love catfish! Grew up fishing with my Grandmother, and the ultimate thrill was catching a fish big enough to be a "keeper".  Born and raised in Springfield, we found that there was a bit of a difference in our midstate rivers.  The cat from the Illinois River was good, but the ones from the Sangamon River often had a muddy taste.  But the best was the carp (love that, too!) and the best eaten of that was scored, batter fried on rye bread with mayo and onion!  Makes me drool thinking about both of them!  Now that I'm in Missouri, haven't found a good place for catching either yet, so have to hit the markets.  Thanks for the memories!

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