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Owner of HeIl's kitchen's "Campania" kills himself.

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Kitchen Nightmares actually.

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Correct, my mistake. I always confuse those two.

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The article you linked seemed to indicate that the show did great things for him and that perhaps the money woes were subsiding (just a guess on my part).  It's sad that he left behind a wife and kids.  I wish I knew the reasoning behind his apparent suicide.  I understand the pressures he felt from the debt and the pressures of family life and being the "bread winner".  I sincerely hope his family is able to cope with the loss.  From the show, he seemed like a good guy.  It's a truly sad situation for his family.


I'm SO glad to see that the show isn't getting blamed for the turn of events.  In this world where everyone's trying to make a quick buck, I can certainly see how the ambulance chasers would be beating a path to the door trying to reach into Fox's pockets.

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My condolences to his family.  People who are suicidal will kill themselves no matter what.  I've known people with perfect lives on the outside who were twisted on the inside.  Unfortunately you can't tell from just looking at them.


But this story has all the plotlines of a Godfather movie.  Italian restaurant, in debt, found dead...


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It's sad to hear that anyone died that way.


Sometimes people get strong suicidal impulses from a quirk in brain chemistry, that might otherwise have corrected itself relatively quickly and without any treatment at all.  Or to put it in real language -- sometimes there just isn't any good reason.


There are an enormous number of good reasons why a suit (almost certainly) could not succeed against Fox, Ramsay or anyone else associated with Kitchen Nightmares.  Even if Ramsay and/or the show actually was part of his misery, it would (again, almost certainly) be frivolous to the point of severe sanctions to even bring it.


Not that it signifies particluarly, but there are reasons troubled restaurants line up to get on Kitchen Nightmares (now casting!).  Did you know that if your restaurant is chosen for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, you get a remodeled kitchen and redecorated FOH as part of the deal?  Not to mention Ramsay's recipes/menu, his truly sound business advice, and the continuing resulting publicity. 


Yes, Ramsay can not only trash-talk like an ex- athelete, he can find and push emotional buttons with the impact of an angry spouse.   But, if you don't know in advance that Ramsay in your kitchen isn't a walk on the beach, they'll explain it to you before you sign the contract (absolving them of liability).



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Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
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Fox News and The Post are vultures.  Let's at least give the family a couple of weeks.  Ex morituri nihil nisi bonum and all that.



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OMFG!  That story was disgusting!  Everything from calling him "suicide chef" to the words used to describe the relationship.  It was beautifully written if it were for a soap opera, but let's drag the whole bunch through the mud, why don't ya?  Can we please bury the guy before we drag his family through a public humiliation?

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Further "compounding the situation":

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Disgusting- let the family and CHILDREN have some peace-

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According to a couple of newspaper reports I read this morning, his family were very grateful for the work that GR had done on the restaurant - in fact, his brother-in-law said that they were about to start a refurb of the restaurant and that they had nothing but praise for the efforts made by GR.

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