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I'm a professional pastry chef and I've been contacted by someone to make a wedding cake for them on the side. I know Washington state (and other places as well, I'm sure) has laws about any food being sold having to come from licensed and insured kitchens.


The place I'll be making the cake is an official place of business so that's no problem. My question is, do I need to have a business license as a sole proprietor as well? Do hotels/wedding venues normally ask for documentation? I just know that it would be an absolute nightmare if I were to show up for delivery at the wedding site and be denied because I didn't have some sort of silly paperwork handled!

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I think the best person to ask (not the bride!) would be the wedding or event coordinator.  You can casually work in your question among the ordinary ones....will you provide a table....what time will the venue be accessible to you require any special paperwork for a cake prepared you allow votives or sparklers on my display table....when can i come back for my stand...etc  This way, the bride will never know, and you can handle anything that will come up well in advance.


Hope that helps.



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