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An open appeal for help!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey gang,


I've been out of things for a few years now because of a spinal injury and I need help from those that were and are my peers.


This goes out to anyone within an hour or so drive from Colonial Heights Virginia.


My daughter belongs to a USA Swimming sanctioned youth competitive swim team. It's a 501c3 organization and because of some things to keep it affordable for the membership can only operate doing fundraisers . I say this because it's the least expensive team in the Richmond area as well as the smallest. It's fees and membership dues are kept this way because most of the families that comprise the ranks are shift workers, lower level managers and single parents trying to provide an opportunity for their children in a non contact competitive sport. Our normal fundraising effortss are through Bingo but unfortunately those revenues are down almost 50% from even 3 years ago and they have decided to try this Pasta Dinner as a fundraiser.


As a team we have had one very notable swimmer throughout the years.....Ms Whitney Hedgepeth. She swam for VACS and while there Ms Hedgepeth went on to the Olympics. She competed in the 1988 games and then in the 1996 Atlanta games won 2 Silver Medals and a Gold Medal. Our program suffered a couple setbacks over the years but has been being rebuilt for the past 5 years and is now even sending swimmers to the Collegiate level earning scholarships for schools like The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.


Anyhow.......for some reason I thought I would ask if the organization ever thought of doing a Pasta dinner fundraiser. DOOHHH!!!!!!!!!

It's been seven years since I have done anything in the kitchen and somehow I ended up as the Chairman of the Committee. Again......DOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Well being the type of person I am I am making it my responsibility to handle this as if i never missed a day. I'm just taking my meds by the handful to keep going. Double DOOHHH!!!!!


We started out by niot even being able to find a site. Every local Church from Baptist to United Methodist flat out refused to allow us to rent their facilities for a fundraiser. Now that we finally found a site, a local Optimist Club, I'm beginning to have issues with vendors. I am basically down to one right now and I have been trying to get prices out of the guy. He's a Territorial manager with US Foods and sent me an email last night saying that he would rather have me blindly place my order and he'll provide me with the best price. Kind of like sign here and I'll tell you what you owe me. I did receiev a price list this afternoon and even after explaining the situation and hoping for his best prices.....I can do better at Sams on more than half the list and we're talking close to 150 pieces for the total order. I thought at the least he could give me was provide prefered pricing since we are a Charitable Organization.


Other vendors like Pepsi and Coca Cola have flat out refused to sell to us and we're talking close to 100 cases of everything form cola to water. They say it's because our organization doesn't have a permanent address and we won't be buying anything the following week or month....only bi-yearly for this event. At least Pepsi has a Donations review board but I haven't heard anything since I submitted the request on the 16th. I've given up on Sysco but even some of the prices the rep provided for them are anywhere from 5-30 bucks cheaper than US Foods and that with Sysco not providing a break at all plus I get held to minimums and something that might be an issue if I have to split the order.


In all seriousness I don't understand why there is such a lack of support on the local or even the national level. The only businesses to step up and help don't have anything to do with food nor contributed food and the only food business to provide any assistance was Barilla with a donation of 100lbs of pasta or about half what we will need. They do have a maximum amount because of the number of donation requests they receive so I understand this. Anyhow, because of the weight placed on this event I need some help with the purchase of enough food to feed between 700-1000 people.


I have the use of  U-haul donated by our local dealer and can get volunteers to help move product if anyone can piggyback this order. I would consider it a serious personal favor and do whatever I could to help you out in return.


I don't know where else to turn so anyone in the area of me please PM me and I'll set up a line of communication. If anyone is willing to help out in any way.....I will provide, upon serious request, a Letter of Intent for the fundraiser as well as our Determination letter. These are things I know are needed to provide assistance to organizations like us with taxes and such. That's the thing.....any donations to us are tax deductable.


The event is November 12th and I'm running out of time. I will come to you to talk if that's what it takes. Also if there is anyone among the professional ranks that is willing to help pull off the event.......right now I am the only person with experience and because of site schedules we can only have the kitchen on the day of the event. That means we have to pull of a regular Friday night for an 80k store with a gimpy former exec doing most of the cooking I just don't know how the heck this is going to work. This goes without saying but if anyone close to or in Richmond can spare a day and evening........................I would be deeply indebted as well.


Please..... anything to help us reach our goal. Right now I have Sam's as my supplier and I know I could do a whole lot better if I bought from a purveyor.


Thanks ??????????????

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Well I guess never mind on the piggyback order. I called on the Distruct Manager to step in. Anyhow this is so much different than if it were a for profit, full scale menu based operation. First off I did set up an account and fill out a Customer Application but it's not like I have an operating business and the hopes of a sales contract to keep these guys from slamming the door in my face. In other words there's no leverage like I had at all the places I've been part of.


Plus............ Exactly how far do you take a complaint when you are asking for assistance or help. Guess there has to be either  provided in the first place to feel guilty about making any complaint so taking into consideration I'm paying for product and the cost is greater that it would have been in any one of my kitchens I guess the complaint is justified. One would think. For what it's worth...although I do take aa more traditional approach to thing.......I never considered myself to have too much of a Pie in the sky attitude but I had no idea that any form of a charitable nature in the industry had been beaten to death and hung out on the edge of the frontier to serve as a warning to those approaching saying.......Donations?????Are you out of your .@$#!#$% mind! I've got profits to make before I leave.


Just one thing puzzles me.....I thought there were more "Professional Chefs" along the I-95 corridor in Virginia here. Huh....guess I was wrong.


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Hi Old. How are you? Wish I could help you out (even though there's nothing worse than a spaghetti dinner, especially if I'm stuck with serving the noodles). Is there a culinary school in your area you could get bodies from? Any clubs like Kiwanis, Lions, Eagles etc.? You don't really need pros, just people you can push around that will do what you say. Football teams from a high school or college can be pretty good. They can carry all kinds of heavy stuff and are used to being "coached". Good luck, buddy.

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Hi Old.  I'm too far away to lend a hand but I can offer you some advice when you're looking for donations.  Most companies have in their budget a space for charitable donations and in my years as school council chair, and also the person on the fundraising committee for scouts who took care of the food I have learned that by this time of year, alot of companies have either spent their donation budget or are very close to doing so, and it is a little harder to get donations than it would have been earlier in the year.  I approached local grocery stores for donations and most of the time they were happy to help out with a $20 gift card and I used that to get some of the food items I needed.  The local bakery would always donate dinner rolls and if what they were willing to donate wasn't enough for us I would purchase the rest from them.  Do you hae an exact number of people who will be attending the event?  Most of the churches around here that do spaghetti dinners sell tickets in advance.  That helps with the food costs as well as it gives them a rough idea as to how much to prep for.


Hope this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to message me.  I've done alot of these sorts of events so hopefully I can give you some good advice. 


Also, ask some of the parents to volunteer their time to help out.  We did that with scouts...every year at registration time the parents were required to participate in some way with the fundraising dance.

OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
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Sounds like you want a commercial establishment like a restaurant, banquet facility or the like make the purchases on your behalf, and allow you to reimburse them for wholesale cost.  I don't see why someone wouldn't do that in exchange for paper work showing "remainder of retail less wholesale" as a charitable donation. 


As long as you were available to p/u promptly so stuff didn't sit around and gum up the works, it would cost them nothing and net them a tax break. 


That said, "big box" prices are cut pretty close to the bone.  You're not really going to do that much better. 



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You might need more avenues Joe.  Call the local ACF chapter maybe?

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Hey gang, Sure wish a couple of ya were definitely closer for sure!


Have reached out to someone in the ACF. He is actually attending a seafood Expo that day and I think it's 6 credits toward certification so I can't blame him for that. Although he said he would pass the word on for help.


Yesterday started and ended decent. But what really gets me is this constant whining by these major companies about the economy crap you know for a fact are making profits far and above the folks that are helping out. There comes a point where it's just plain greedy in every way and not too many tears ago that was not as socially acceptable as it appears it is today. They keep using an excuse that was manufactured in the first place by the greediest of azzholes.


I have bumped the ticket sales up to 1010. We will do 3 settings of 170 and also sell 500 to-go box dinners. Looking at renting 3-4 Cresscorrs' for holding the reorders so we can stay ahead on those. Using the foil rounds for to-go foods should make things easier I have no other way to do this than use the formula of sales cures everything. Since we have to pay for everything we might as well make it worth the effort. 1010! I know the mind remembers this and more but the body gave out a long time ago so it's a good thing there is better living through chemistry. Last time I did 1010 covers actually it was closer to feeding 5000 people a day it took me 6 months to be able to walk again no B.S. . Just like riding a bike? Huh I can't do that anymore either. This is one time where my good intentions have......... well.......... "Looks like another fine mess you've gotten us into Stan"


I wish there was some Chef's prayer I could say but I guess "Oh Lord please don't let me #$@%-up this one" will work.

Improvise, adapt and over-come!!!!! It's worked for me countless times in the past so it'll work once again.


Think I have the orders taken care of so...............I just have to stop thinking. Funny, was told for years by the 'rents.....why don't you think!!!!!!!! Now I need to say......why don't you stop thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yesterday I was told by Sysco that our application for account would probably be denied. Something about having to qualify for credit even though we are strictly C.O.D.? We’re a 501c3! We don’t have Credit anywhere. Our organization is too small to have thousands of dollars sitting in the bank from the massive generosity of companies to…..well…….It’s just another case of not needing the assistance to be able to qualify for the assistance.

Didn’t I partake in a conversation about this with someone else just recently? For some reason I felt my head spin for a minute like I was in an out of body experience. I swear.......Sysco is the antichrist.  These companies…… and Sysco is no exception…..  are complaining about not having any sales, blaming everything on an economy downturn that is now in its 3rdyear and then they deny a purchase because you don't qualify for credit. But you don't need the credit because you are paying by check in the first place. He!!, I'll pay for the order myself with  if I have to but they won't even allow that. 


This is what really has my head spinning and has me pissed off the most. Out of my 32 year career 2 years of it I was in charge of orders through responsibility as either a steward, purchaser, F&B Director, 3 levels of Chef or salaried employee.  Given that the sales average for all the places I worked came out to an average of $75,000.00 a week and purchases for food products were on based on an average food cost of 29%......... that’s $21,750 per week In usage so for kicks and so to not have to go back through every ledger and file I have in my possession and yes I have the books from purchases that go back all the way to 1983…………let’s just call that purchases. That multiplied by 52 weeks a year is $1,131,000.00 per year in purchases. Now multiply that by 27 years and that’s $30,537,000.00. a minimum of 32 million dollars I have sent to companies like Sysco and every company they have swallowed up over the years that I COULD have purchased from today. Now here’s the thing that will have you rolling………I never really asked for many samples or freebees over the years. Yeah the occasional piece of salami, cheese sample or item for new menu development but I wouldn’t say it was more than .3/1000% of a percent of the total or about 400.00 a year.


Anyhow with this event, I am trying to hold on dearly to my prepared fresh by us and not boil in bag beliefs. Yet I had to go against some of those beliefs with pre-cut veggies. This decision was made in an attempt to keep knife use to a minimum and also just in case I ended up in the kitchen alone, I wouldn't be working against myself and the clock. The idea of having to prep all the vegetables for salad and sauce, 2000 meatballs and cook 300lbs of pasta was a bit over whelming. This is also something that really should not happen for my health and well being in the first place.


As far as menu and servings go it’s not all you can eat anymore It was change to a generous portion and we’ll provide a bit more if really pressed. Penne Rigatta will be used instead of spaghetti. Cooking issues, holding issues and the mess serving from the make-shift line forced me to rethink that. Plus it is a bit more filling than spaghetti, holds sauce better and we can spoon it on the plates. I am figuring on 2200 2oz meatballs or just over 2 per person, 6-9 oz of sauce per person, 10-12 oz of pasta...cooked weight, a generous portion of salad with refills as well as bread served in baskets. We are offering bread sticks on the tables (the dry kind) and dessert got way out of hand so that is still up in the air. $1500.00 to do cannoli  and then the nightmare trying to fill the shells so I went to novelty Ice cream but that's anywhere from 0.60-0.90 cents a portion. Beverages were extra at a buck a piece and I figured probably 2 of those per person. We also have 30 or so members through swimmers and family so they will be purchasing the beverages while working as well. No freebee’s on this one.

I was going to offer a couple meal tickets to contributors but no one has stepped up enough to warrant that and those that have are not available.


I don’t know anymore. I ran a pretty tight ship with costs and stuff and, if I do say so myself, I was actually rather good at ordering and estimating usage in spite of a couple places that ordering was  just like a shotgun spread ……….but this thing and the seven year absence has me second guessing myself  more than I ever have.

 So……..if there is Someone I know pretty well out there that want’s a me and I'll reply with an attachment.




Oh yeah....the Goal for this event was $7000.00. Not really a great deal and something that could have been acheived by a good amount of doantions of food and supplies and maybe selling 400-500 tickets. Plus a much more more manageable number. We're seating 510 with just the hall. Actually when I suggested this it was remeembering having done this event at the Church I grew up in the Parish of and they made that amount in 1973 because of donations and the number in the parish. I believe we charge 4 bucks back then. Anyhow I never wanted to set the tickets sold amount to be 1010 but how else do I make the goal when we have to purchase everything! Groups like sysco, us foods and several others are telling me things at the 11th hour of the planning. that they can't do anything and I started this process in August.  Now they expect me to be ethical and stick by my word on things. No fricken way.


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Just looking through this thread, Old, and my big question is "Why even bother with the big boys?"  Ever since I hung up my own shingle, I found out the the big boys only play with big boys, volume is the name of the game, and if you don't have that, you get the "royal treatment"


If you have access to volunteer labour get them to go shopping for you at Costco or the like.  As BDL says, the prices are pretty much the same.  A lot of us small guys get our dairy, pop, and some drygoods there--same stuff, same prices, except you do the hauling and pay up front--Costco still won't take plastic other than AMEX. 




100 cases of pop is kinda largish, but a local distributer should be able to make the delivery, just a question of if you want to pay the full price or buck up and haul it all yourself from Costco.



Remember that saying that an artist's work will only increase in value once s/he's dead?..... 

Once the fuction is over and everyone starts talking about it, the suppliers will come around with better offers "for next year".  If the team gets silver or gold, the suppliers will be begging to donate......

...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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Originally Posted by foodpump View Post

...If you have access to volunteer labour get them to go shopping for you at Costco or the like. ..

You might even inquire to see if COSTCO/SAM'S CLUB might be interested in discounting/donating to your project.


In fact, check out your local grocery stores/chains, around here, they are always helping out the schools/4H/FFA/youth sports.


Remember, it NEVER hurts to ask for local support, i.e. service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc.), Chamber(s) of Commerce, local businesses, even WalMart/Costco/Target/etc.

Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
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Thanks Foodpump,Pete,


No one is donating anything! Period! Well....period is strong since our Local Grocery did donate a 50.00 gift card and a bundle of paper grocery bags for to-go food. I also have plenty of donations for our raffle.........Anyhow Sam's , Target Wal-mart are all local and their "donations Managers" are ducking calls at the moment. Costco is 30 miles out side our community and they already do work with the two other swim clubs in the area. Then again, they're big too (700 swimmers each....... we have 75) and like ya said........big plays with big.


As far as product goes, I'm having trouble with some of the product availability at our local Costco and Sam's Sam's. Sam's is closest but they have removed about 35% of the product they would normally stock. This has been replaced with product...... but....... as an example there are now two entire rows of Frito-Lay products. Produce has disappeared as well but nothing takes its place. I tried a local produce company and they sent me to the Food-bank??????? Now trying to get them to quote a price is impossible. As things stand right now, we are buying from Sam's and US Foods with only a couple items from Sysco. I have tried local bakeries but they keep dodging a decision for discount or anything else.


But see the big difference between you and I is this is not a business and we are being treated like one. We are a Non profit youth group. Not the Ruritains, Optimists, KofC, or other Organizations that in this area. Those are also nothing more than private eating and drinking clubs or at-least that's the impression I get. It's like it's a bunch of folks that decided they didn't want to pay takes on profits raised and have a place where they could get good deals on things so they formed a club. There are those I mentioned that do tremendous good too but not on a consistent basis. Our local Optimist Club was going to charge is close to 1000.00 just to rent their hall. The one we are in is 300.00 and they slapped us with a bunch of fees. They are the ones that are for youth in the first place but when I asked about a price break they said their building rental is part of their fund raising. Huh??????


Anyhow I figured on having to buy about 50% of all we needed. Not 95%. And seriously....ya'll are great but if one person makes the excuse of the economy, down turn or whatever ...note it's bandwagon line of BS. The money is out there! We just didn't all of a sudden stop eating in this country. People have just shifted where they by food and eat but.........Sysco distributes to Grocery stores also and so does just about every other purveyor...even the small locals.


If the likes of Sysco and everyone else were to get Splash magazine or read reprst done by USA Swimming they would know our accolades. We were just honored for our Make a Splash progran. This is something I make plain mention of and provide a link to in the Letter of Intent  to all of the people and companies I have submitted requests too. Even the Silve and Gold Medals.


I know there are probably some things I have missed but I don't think it's much. I promise I wouldn't be complaining nor did I if this was the first week and I had just sent out 5-10 letters. But right now I have been working on this since July and contacting folks since August complaining is because I'm beginning to panic. 11th hour gang and I'm screwed! 

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Quit beating a dead horse.  You're trying to deal with a bunch of companies who don't really work with charities because you're used to dealing with them from when you worked in restaurants. 


Charity is not a restaurant.  Event catering is not a restaurant.  Single event catering for a charity is not a restaurant.  


If you really, really, really need to use Sysco or the equivalent you're going to have to go through a middleman who has an account.  A "restaurant" for instance.  And, really, that shouldn't be too difficult to find. 


You're making problems that don't have to be, presumably because you're used to working in a certain way and are too stubborn to listen to people who are telling you they won't play along.  As you say, you've been working on this since August... by now you should be able to figure out that it's not another day at the restaurant.


And something else to think about.  You're taking way too much of this on yourself.  In addition to raising money, look at the event as a chance to build community among the team's supporters.  Other parents besides you want to get in on helping -- espcially those who might not be able to make large financial contributions -- and will be more than willing to donate time, p/u and delivery with their vans and pick up trucks, help cooking, and so on.  Think of it more like a big potluck than Old's Banquet Hall and Billiard Parlor.  If the sodas are kya, get someone else to do it.  If 70 cases of soda cost you $400 instead of $280, well that's how it goes.  If your event falls short by $200, the team will find another way to make it up.


How miserable and unhappy and overworked you make yourself is not a measure of your devotion.  Take a breath.  Count to ten.  Now, work smart, figure out who wants to help, and get them involved.  Quit trying to impose your unrelated experience and stubbornness, go with your brain and delegate, delegate, delegate. 


How did I learn?  The hard way.  Been there, done that, have the t-shirts.  Trust me.


If, at the end of the day, having one too many cooks in the kitchen makes your job a little more difficult, TS.  It's not about you, it's about the team.  Start dodging those knives, and...  Gooooooooo TEAM!


With love,


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First off I sure wish I was on the left coast or close to it. Would have loved to be there for your big bash. Sorry I missed in on all fronts.


But beating a dead horse is so much fun and I know how......ah never mind but it is better than beating the cats or even the volunteers that have already stepped up or should I say raised their hands.


I guess it comes down to there being a certain amount of internalization for anything I do. It allows me to set points with-in myself of what I have to over-look and what I have to get into. That said you make a good point but I have a couple q's for your a's. By the way luv ya too ya big lug!




Who do I chew out? The single mother who had good intentions and offered to help and then found herself in way over her head? How about the Retired mother that wants to help but doesn't feel comfortable asking for things or has proclaimed that she has no decorating sense when it comes to partys. Then there are others that have been very supportive but it's more for show and less for go mainly because their one armed one legged paper hangers in an azz kicking contest themselves with careers and family obligations. This event need to be approached by someone that has organzed the openings of a restaurant.


Pot lucks are great but not for the goals of this event. This event had to be done the way it is.....promoting a restaurant quality meal inexpensively and done well. Heck, I wouldn't be complaining if I could have gotten 15-20 bucks a plate. Those are easy but this is not the area and it didn't seem to fit. Actually if the one Church I approached would have not closed it's doors on us life would have been grand. But because of all the little things I have  not shared.......I'm worried we're gonna have troubles with the 10.00 and thats even with people knowing you can't eat the slop at a BK or McD without it costing 8 bucks for a combo meal. Heck, our city boasts the worlds largest Arby's and it can take 27 bucks for a family of 3 to eat there. We know because that's what it cost the last time ...........and I mean the very last time....... we ate there. 


If you;ve done this as often as say or I think you have........ you already know that there are usually 10 solid folks of an organization that are there at every turn. The rest of the folks don't take an active role, don't really care to or sign up because it's fashionable. I find it very difficult....actually impossible to discuss the lack of urgency or follow through with a volunteer when I assign a task. Yes it would be nice to think that everyone is going to give 150% on everything they do but face it, volunteering on a scale that our group falls into is more a social desire than an organization need. I know the people I can count on and we're not at that point yet. Plus I have the time and they don't. So I suck it up a bit. That's what I have been doing but there's a breaking point in all of us and I just hit it.


This forum is as much of a venting place as it is for advice and I chose the Professional Chefs topic so not to stir up too much of a Hornets nest like posting in the late night forum would have. Everyone in this topic forum has had a melt down at some point and time and ythis is mine.


Anyhow food is Charity and so are restaurants or at least the ones I have been a part of. My experiences have not just been a whim of my own or something self created. Atlanta Food Bank, Project Open Hand, Meals on Wheels, etc, etc,........have all been Charities I have participated in as a Chef or employee of a certain restaurant. Note I am not boasting nor do I need a pat on the back. This is something I believe is the responsibility of anyone who takes from a community. I have taken from many communities and given back when I can.


But as I stated I am not a restaurant nor am I trying to solicit charity from a restaurant. I am trying to solicit from Food Vendors, Retail operations and manufacturers. All avenues of legitimate exploration or at the least they have been as long as I can remember and not just for the restaurant community.  If they were'nt then why did Barilla provide the 100# of pasta. Again food is charity. It has been for centuries.


My comment about being the only more a joke but it can be a reality. Since we cannot get into our Hall anytime before the event, the people I know I was counting on will not be available during the day. It is what it is and this wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened. I do have back ups though. But sincerely I am venting. I am worried....I'm the Chairman of the fundraiser and I know the stakes. There is simply not another opportunity that can pick up the ball right now. If we are short....that's it we are short. This is our first fundraiser of the new season. we do have 3 more to go but those fell short last year too. In fact our Fall fundraiser last year broke even and that put us in the hole we're still in. It wasn't food but........ food does and should make money. If you notice I'm trying really hard not to beat that dead horse for your sake so......I catch ya later my left coast brother!

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When I was doing stuff like this SYSCO donated to me before and so did Bunn Capitol.  But I had pull.  Like a million bucks between three hotels.


OK I have an idea.  Figure out what you need to purchase then reach out to the organization.  Get on the phone and call people.  You need $$ to fund this dinner.  I'm pretty sure you can come up with $1,500 to purchase product pretty easily.  These people get to come to dinner for free.  Have folks pay for their canned soda.  You will at least break even on the soda.  Next get gift card donations from businesses.  Use these as door prizes and raffle tickets.  I've done this before and businesss are pretty comfortable with giving away a free jacuzzi suite or a free dinner for a cause.


What do you think?

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