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ESCF Ferrandi Cuisine Program - February 2011

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Has anyone applied for the ESCF Ferrandi cuisine program for the February 2011 term? I applied at the end of September and I'm very anxious to hear back. 

Please let me know,


p.s I started a Facebook group, hoping to get some more info from applicants or ex-culinary students. As of now I'm the only member!!

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i was doing some research on culinary schools with a concentration in Baking and Pastry and Ferrandi comes highly recommended! I am applying for sept 2011 too, just waiting on my recommendation. There is a guy on chef talk who says he is in the program and apparently it sucks. Now whether its true or not, i dont know. I wanna go to ferrandi because of french pastry skills then i would like to open up my own little cake shop

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Hi Bardi,


I tried to join your group today in FB :) Someone need to approve me as it is closed group.


I'm in for Patisserie program in February 2011. 

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I am applying for the September slot as well. I haven't submitted anything yet, but I am working on it. I would like to concentrate in Pastry. Does anyone have advice about housing or finding apartments (if I were accepted)? I have no professional culinary background so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there!

I've just been accepted into the Professional French Pastry & Bread Baking program at ESCF Ferrandi for September 2011 semester. Is there any only who also got accepted and will be attending the course in September?? Hope to cu guys there in September 2011.

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It would behoove you to see Chocolat's posts in this thread!

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Congratulations! I applied for the course as well, but have yet to hear from them.... :( 

Did they email you?

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I wish! I am still waiting on my freakin passport. Grrr!  Hopefully, I will get everything in before the sept session is full.  Does anyone how many spots are left for cuisine?

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Hi Spagetti07 - I'll also be attending the Sept 11 session of ESCF's pastry program.

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Hi I'm also attending ESCF's Sep 11 session but in the culinary program.

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hi feebs and mashav,


i was wondering when you guys got your acceptance letters? i think i might not have gotten in :( ....

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Hi! I am also attending the September 11 session of the pastry program :)

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I got an email with the letter and it's supposed to be sent by post as well. In the meantime they're waiting for me to pass the first payment. I guess you could be on a waiting list couz they're waiting till the end of April for people to pay.. am I right?

Didn't anyone here apply for the culinary program?

what are your plans regarding an apartment etc?

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Hi feebs & cait - Congratulations!! I will cu guys at the school or we can arrange to meet before then. I'm planning to be in Paris to find suitable apartment to stay or share with other students (hopefully from the same class). I talked to Stephanie about the list of accommodation she will send to us in the upcoming weeks. But still haven't heard back from her on this. So right now I'm looking for an apartment to stay during my course via some online website. When do you plan to be in Paris? I am planning to be there a week earlier in August before the start date of the Pastry course.
Feel free to email or add me on FB.
Btw, where are you guys from? I'm from Thailand.
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@Mashav Congratulation to you too!! Hope to see you in Paris in Aug'11. Have you already plan when you will be in Paris?? Probably we can all arrange to meet and introduce each other before our classes start. For housing, I'm looking for a studio room in an apartment in a little bit out of Paris (20-30 mins travel by Train) as I read many online posts and blogs and they are said to be mug cheaper cost than staying right in Paris. Let me know if you plan to be there early, so we all get to meet each other (a small gathering) then.

(sorry I just read your post and realized you were inviting me to be added to your FB. I have added you now so we can have a chat.)

@TheUnknowCook I've read many posts and feedback & reviews from many blogs and personal comment online before choosing to apply to ESCF Ferrandi. But you an never know the truth or judging it until you there yourself. So once I started my course, I will then be able to share my thought and experiences with you and others. Thanks for your comment on this.
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I will be happy to meet with you guys before beginning of the course.

I see everyone here are pastry students! what about some culinary people?

On the housing - I would probably prefer finding a smaller place in the city center so I can be close to everything, though I know it is more expensive. And anyway, I understand that living in Tel-Aviv (where I'm from) costs about the same so what the hack? ;)

I have tuns of questions still yet to be answered, some of them I sent to Stephanie and waiting for a response from her. Did any of you got some answers along the applications process that can be helpful to others as well?




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Mashav - Nice chatting with you on FB. It's good to get to know someone who is going in the same direction (destination) at least. ^_^















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For your questions, I'd suggest you email and call Stephanie and confirm to her that you will be joining in their culinary class in September 2011. If she doesn't response, just give her a call during her working hours.


About the housing, I used to ask her and she said she will be sending me a list of housing accommodation in the upcoming weeks (as it has already been almost a month now). So I think I will just email her again to ask her about this since I'd need to find a temporary housing upon applying for the student visa to show them that I've got everything organized (for at least 2-3 months) prior to arriving in Paris. I will also ask the local French consulate if I'd require to have proof of 3 months accommodation or would 1 month would do it when applying for the visa. Will share with you on this later. Although not sure if this might be varies depending on each country's requirement or not.


Does anyone here have any suggestion for a good accommodation listing that we could find a temporary or permanent apartment in either Paris or Suburban in English??


@feebs @Cait  Have you guys already confirmed your offer of place in Pastry course? Where are you come from??

Originally Posted by spagetti07 View Post

Mashav - Nice chatting with you on FB. It's good to get to know someone who is going in the same direction (destination) at least. ^_^
















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I'm from HK.  Going to send my confirmation tomorrow, and yes it would be great to catch up with other students before the program starts.  Hoping to be there one or two weeks before the first day.



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Hi! I am planning to mail my confirmation in tomorrow.  I am also planning to move a couple of weeks prior to the start date, and would love to meet up.  I am from the United States and it seems as though I have to provide plans for housing in order to apply for my Visa.  I have been looking at several websites in order to find a long term apartment within the city, but will most likely wait for Stephanie to send us suggestions on where to look (which will hopefully be soon!).  I am a bit nervous about finding a place, primarily because I am unsure of the specifics of renting an studio in Paris, i.e. which costs you should make sure are included or what area is a safe one to live in. 


I hope everyone is having/had a great day/night :)


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Hi everyone !!!


I just turned in my application today in person as i am living in Paris all ready !!

I talked with stephany and she said there where still about 3 or 4 spots open for the cuisine programme.


Last week I met somepeople from the february program they were loving it there so all good :) 


I moved here in January but as i couldnt get into the february program i started working in a bistro here in Paris, the Consulting Chef is one of the most famous chefs here in france he said that Ferrandi is by far the leading school in France together with a school in Strasbourg ...


Everybody else i meet that work in a kitchen say the same thing, So i guess Ferrandi is the place to be !!!


As for the people looking for housing, you should really wait for stephany to help you guys out, looking on your own can be really troublesome as French people are really distrusting and housing in Paris is VERY expensive !! a small 15 square meter studio can go from 800€ to 1500€ a month :O


If you wanna look for something try this website ... 


I wont be in Paris in August as i will take a short vacation before starting on the 31st ... but i am here the rest of the time so if any of you come in early we can get in touch !!!


Also if you need something info on Paris and if i can be of any help give me a shout !!!


Hope to meet your all,


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Hi everyone, i've just been informed that I've been accepted to the pastry school!! i'm so happy!!! i was so sure that I wouldn't get it after seeing that you guys have been accepted so early. 
Coincidentally, i will be in Paris in May for a holiday so i will get a chance to speak to Stephanie and hopefully be loaded with more information about lodging and share this news with everyone. 

Congratulations to all!

btw, i'm from Singapore

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I've just been accepted to the september cuisine  program !!! It took 3 days ... wow !!!! I wanst expecting an answer untill may ... and this morning i got an email from Michel Mouisel and Stephany ... So i guess i'll see some of you the 31st of August !!!



@shopgirl ... I'm all ready in Paris if you wanna meet it would be great !!! 



See ya !!

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@ze, i would love to meet up! shall i contact you via email? or you could contact me at :) see you soon!

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@shopgirl @Cait @feebs and @Zemsbg
Congratulations to you all!!

I'm currently looking for studio/ 1bdrm apartment in Paris via Several website and found many great and nice places both in and around Paris. Although most of them are quite expensive especially in the city center. Anyway, I was advised by some of my friends that if you look for a housing a bit outside of Paris, the cost would be cheaper with nicer room and sometimes more spacious than what you would get at the similar rates in the city itself.
Anyway, I am currently looking for a 1 bdrm apartment outside the city center and most of them seemed to be occupies until July/Aug.

At the moment I'm only looking for a short term place to stay upon my arrival in order to inquire for the housing document which we would be required when applying for a student visa. Has anyone been applying for student visa and got a housing for August yet?

Btw, I'm so glad we are able to touch base with other students who will be in Sep'11 classes (both Pastry & Culinary) here. If anyone has any updates from Stephanie, as I believed she is currently on her vacation until 26 April, please do share with us the housing information and more. Hope to see you guys in August before the school starts!


PS. @shopgirl @Cait @feebs and @Zemsbg Are you guys spewing French or have studied French before you will go to Paris??
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I just checked my email and saw that I've been accepted to Sept Culinary!  I am currently in Chicago and want to start my visa app, but need to get proof of residency (as we all do). At first I was thinking about doing a home-stay program for a while just to get my paperwork. And then once I'm in Paris it will be easier to find a more suitable studio/apartment once I am a little more familiar with everything.  I guess I'll wait for the housing info from Stephanie before I make up my mind.  It would be cool to have a roommate from the program if anyone is still looking!  I'm just so excited, I want to get everything done right away, guess I'll just have to be patient although Sept will be here before we know it! 

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I studied french a long time ago so am relearning it now.  Understand you'll be fine if you don't speak it at the beginning but you'll be expected to pick it up as you go, so best to start now if you have some time!





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I am currently trying to learn French.  @Feebs I agree that it is best to start now in preparation.


@spagetti07 I also have to find housing in order to apply for my student visa.  I have been looking at a couple of websites, but honestly am hesitant about agreeing to a lease without really knowing where to look. That being said I really want to apply for my visa asap so I can't wait too much longer to find somewhere. If you don't mind me asking, what resources are you using for your search?

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i've been studying french at university, but will still need to brush up on it! 

have yet to find any place to stay either. is anyone open to sharing a house/apartments? i understand that apartments in the center of Paris would be smaller so perhaps sharing then wouldn't be very feasible

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Hi! Cait,

I've been googling through the websites that were recommended by other people on several websites that relating to Paris Housing and Accommodation posts. My favourite one are: (this site provides many good options and variety of housing per your preferred locations which produced pretty good housing source) (since I wasn't able to read French yet, so I haven't really looked into this one but saw many people recommended to check out the housing accommodation on this website)

I'm still finding a temporary place to stay during my first arrival in Paris. May be we could arrange to meet up in August when we are there and look for the appropriate housing resources for more permanent as it would be a good idea to visit and check out the actual places first prior to make a decision for a more permanent stay during our courses.

How about you? When are you planning to arrive in Paris? Is this your first time going to France? Mine is and I'm very excited about the course, the housing, the culture, people, food, school, and everyone who will be attending the same class in Sep'11.
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