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so sorry to hear that you won't be in Paris this fall, but I hope your family is ok and that you find a way to fulfill you dream.  Now that you know you want to be a pastry chef nothing else will do!  I think we all are realize the importance of having a dream and making it come true.  I wish you all the luck!

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Hi everyone,


Has anyone completed the visa process and figured out whether or not they need to have a permanent address to fill out the form? It asks for where I will be living, but I still have no idea since it's months away...

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@ab6788  I just recently sent in my paperwork to Campus France.  I did not send in information about a permanent place of residence with that part of the process, so hopefully they do not need it.  My search for an apartment is in full force, but I am not having much luck yet.  I am almost positive that when I go to the French consulate to apply for my visa I will need to have a permanent address. 


I was wondering, has anyone had luck finding an apartment yet?  What arrondissement is everyone searching in?

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@ab6788 @Cait - just got back from Paris/visiting the school and had a chance to ask Stephanie about the visa/permanent address situation.  When I mentioned I hadn't yet submitted my campus france app, she mentioned I should get it in right away.  Only recently have they started asking for a perm address so she said we could try to submit with that spot blank.


@Cait - about housing I was there and still didn't have much luck with the apartment situation.  It's really a full time job and too early for alot of landlords to commit to August/mid August yet.  I'm hoping more apartments start to free up in June/July.

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Hi everyone


please join our Facebook group at:

or look for the group called: ESCF-Ferrandi Anglo 2011


I'm adding links and docs relevant there and hope we can revive it again :)


btw, can someone explain what is that campus france you're talking about?



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Hi Ericka...Thank you so much! Hope our lives cross path one day. I'm looking forward to reading everybody's blogging about your excitement, adventures and life in Paris. Good luck to you all!!

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hi everyone, am currently still in paris...and i do agree that sourcing for an appartment is a lot of trouble!! but am still hoping that things will work out well.

yes - i'd like to know what is campus france too!


mashav - i saw the link that you sent in with regards to opening a bank account in paris...i just opened an account with HSBC yesterday with a Mrs Messandi. she is very nice and was very helpful with all my questions about opening an account in paris. i'm not sure about the seniors' experience with HSBC but it seems that ESCF's partnership with Mrs Messandi is new and she's resourceful.


am truly excited about august and looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Hi everyone!

I'm so glad I randomly came across this site and found a lot of ppl on the same boat with me:) I'm attending the Ferrandi's pastry program in sept 2011 and is going through the same process ie, visa, housing etc,everyone else is going through. I'm currently living in eastern Canada and I'm very excited about the upcoming adventure in Pairs! Feel free to add me on facebook (lily yuan; waterloo network) and I look forward in meeting everyone!  

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@shopgirl, hey,,Campus France is this program students have to register with (in Canada at least) before they can go to the interview for VISA application.   

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@lily, thanks for clearing it up! :) see you in august!

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For those of you who are applying for a VISA in Canada, I just did my CampusFrance interview this week. If you're wondering, it was a quick 15 minute interview where you are asked questions about all the documents you submitted (when you finished school, your current job, why you're going to ferrandi, when you plan to be in paris...etc.). After the interview, it was suggested that we mail in (Canadians applying for student visa only) our VISA documents once we have everything. She said the turnaround time for reviewing your VISA application is usually approx. 3 weeks after receiving all documents. Now onto the housing situation...

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I am going to apply for a culinary school in France next year- Did anyone have trouble with visa's? I understand you have to apply first for the school, then for the visa but I am worried because you have to pay a deposit for the school without knowing if you can get a visa.?

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Hi there, 


I applied for the Pastry Bilingual Program starting in Feb 2012. I went to France last week to go and see how the school looks and I'm very impressed with everything! :)

Can anyone tell me how they find the course? And is there anyone else who has also applied for next year? 


I'm quite nervous about going all the way to France..(I'm a South African)...:/ 





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I am accepted for the pastry program feb 2012. Still deciding if it is the best option.  Anyone else out there going for Feb 2012?? Would love to meet you! 

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Hi there! I've also been accepted for the same course! And I'm also still deciding if it is the best option. Do you perhaps have facebook?

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Yes! Brittany Campbell - San Diego State Network and you? What are the deciding factors for you??

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I'm Leilani Tison - Port Elizabeth, South Africa! I've decided to go! I think it's a once in a life time opportunity!! So i'm taking the big step! You?? (nice to meet you by the way!) :)

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Congrats! Nice to meet you too! Have an email? We can chat about it! I will have to decide by Friday ekk! Nice to know someone else is going too. 

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Thanks... My e-mail: Would love to chat a bit! Feel free to inbox me...!I can't seem to find you on Facebook? Will try again tho...

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Message for Bottomlesstummy.

I know the website

I stayed 2 months in 2011 in a host family that this website found for me.

Excellent service,  nice host family, very close to Ferrandi Cuisine School.

I recommend you their service.

Soory for my poor level in English , I am from Belgium !

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