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Commercial Kitchen Rental near Danbury, CT

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Does anyone know of a place that will rent out their kitchen in the greater Danbury, CT area? I'd like to start a small cookie business, but need some place to do my baking. I have no money to rent a whole space - I just need a kitchen. I'm new to the area so I have very few connections to any restaurant owners or churchs. Any leads would be lovely.

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Hi!  Please let me know if you find a place and would like to share costs.  Based on your posts, we both would like to find a place to bake, but not make the same product, so it wouldn't be competative

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 Looking to rent/share a kitchen in CT, preferably in Fairfield county


Please call 203 822 1941 or email:


Thank you :)

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chef.gif          hugalli, i see your post was in October 2010, I'm wondering if you've found anything? I've just begun my search for a kitchen

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thumb.gif Easterncookie I'm bookmarking this page, who knowns maybe I'll find a kitchen we can share

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Does anyone know of a place to rent out a kitchen in Fairfield County, specifically Stamford or Norwalk area?

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Hi did you ever find a kitchen to rent? Maybe we can share. You can email me at

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DId you find a Kitchen to rent?

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Hello Mellisa, GOOD MORNING

Im clarence, looking for a kitchen in stamford CT area, I saw your post that you like to share a kitchen , if you have already find r looking for one , and interested to share , please contact me or call 203  952 9520



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I am also looking to rent a commercial in the greater Danbury, CT area. Would appreciate any info any one has. There does seem to be a great need.
Thanks so much,
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Hello everyone, my name is Joe Cats and I represent a masonic lodge in New Milford, CT who own an older stone building. We have a grandfathered licensed commercial kitchen for rent. Most weekdays until 5:00pm are open; Most Sunday afternoons are usually open as well. Rates are good & terms are easy. Please reply here & I will contact you.

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I would love to chat about your commercial kitchen space. I will be moving to the area from In the spring, and a small food business is coming with me!!

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Hello Joe, 


I am very interested in your commercial kitchen space and would like to discuss the opportunity. 

Please call me at 2034704806. 


Thank you 

Rio Alexander

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Hi Joe

I am interested in renting your kitchen during those hours. Please call me on 860-371-4602. Thank you.
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My friend and I are looking for a kitchen to share and your kitchen sounds like exactly what we need! What is your view on illegal substances for medicinal purposes? My friend and I are doing some community service to help cancer patients in the New England area! Please contact me with any updates! Thanks! Maille Lynn-Ivy Hughes 

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Hi all, I am looking for a commercial kitchen space to rent on Sundays and perhaps one other afternoon during the week.  I am starting a meal delivery service. I live in New Fairfield so somewhere in the Danbury, New Milford, Bethel, Brookfield area...any leads would be great!

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