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Knead, where are you located?  A friend of mine here in Winston Salem found a space but needs one or two additional people other than just he and I.  Let me know.


Chef Charley

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Chef Charlie,


My name is Chef Pam C. I am a Certified Chef as well as a Certified Pastry Chef here in Winston Salem. I saw your email to someone named Knead where you said that you had found someone that had found Commercial Kitchen space but needed someone else to go in with them. Can you send me this persons information to contact them. I too am looking for commercial kitchen space and the space that I was about to lease just fell through and I have a major contract opportunity coming up so I need to find some commercial space to rent. You can reach me through email at or call me at 336-739-0080.


Thank You!!

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Hi All,


I have a permitted commercial kitchen approved in Forsyth County (downtown Winston Salem) that can serve as a commissary for caterers.  The catch is as stated below by Charley:


<<<I have spoken with the Health Department, and their regulations allow for only one permittee per location. This would preclude a strictly by-the-hour/day rental facility for multiple users. However, if every entity that used the facility was formed to be in partnership or a subsidiary of the facility/entity holding the permit, that would satisfy the Health Department regulations.>>>


We are a membership organization and our contract with caterers has to be structured as 'sub-contracted partners' for our company business.  It is really just a matter of semantics, but this is what they require.    I am happy to discuss options with anyone interested.  Please contact me for a tour of the facility - 336-793-8000.


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I am looking for a place where my boss can practice cooking his pizza recipes before opening his venue. He would need a day probably. What would the approximate rental cost be?
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Hi I am looking for a commercial space in Winston-Salem to make my bottle water that include ingredients that are beneficial health wise.  I will only need to rent the space on a low budget until sales pick up.  I also would like for the owner of the establishment to be willing to try the product and if all goes well,  a percentage of the profit will go to the establishment.  Please contact me 336 9657243 


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I am wanting to start up a calzone business and need a commercial kitchen by the hour.  What would the charge be? Where are you located?




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Hold on everyone - I'm starting a commercial kitchen in Southern Pines.  If you are interested in coming my way, I'd be interested in knowing your needs as I am in the final development phase.  Thanks.  

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Does anyone know anyone who might be into a new venture with smoked foods...I have a novel idea but need someone who cold smokes...I think it's a winner.
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hey!.how about if WE ALL rent a kitchen at the middle of Winston-Salem and Greensboro so we can rent it out to people from winston and greensboro!! and at the same time we can use it. imagine 20 people at $200 per month each = $4000 not bad!

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hey! Let's rent a restaurant and we/all  prepared our food there. we can pay $250 to $300 per month easy.

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Hey Jim, can you contact me as I have some questions for you. I know you guys sold but I want to speak about this thing.

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please send contact info and address. thanks!

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I am also very interested in finding a shared kitchen space....Please feel free to contact me to see if we can partner to get this done.  Seems to be a big need. My email address is


Thanks Noell

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