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Thanks Kuan!

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There is still some good out there so I wasn't going to pull my rant back to the top and use it to thank someone from our Chef Talk family here so.......


Thanks Kuan and Heidi too!!!!!!!

So ya'll know....Kuan and Heidi were able to get an additional 100lbs of Penne pasta (aka mostocolli) donated to our pasta dinner coming up next Friday night and to us here in Virginia....and they live all the way in the great white North!!! 200 down 300 to go.


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Hey you're welcome.  smile.gif   Hope it goes well for you.

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Thanks Kuan. Most of my day that day will be from a chair but I've got a few tricks that may allow me to mix it up too.  I appreciate it!

 By the way...... great video you sent me. Brings back memories when my hands actually worked.

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