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Yeast nut roll bread/help needed

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8 cups flour

1 cup sugar

1/2 lb. butter

1/2 cake large yeast

1/2 teaspoon salt.

all dry ingredients first . place in large bowl. add 2 cups milk 2 eggs. 

knead till hands and bowl come clean. Place covered on table overnite.




This is my mom's recipe for  the long rolls (to be filled with nut or poppy seed). My question is what exactly is a large cake of yeast?? I bake but have never made this recipe.Unfortunately, I can't ask my mother about this yeast . Thanks to one and all !! Hoping to make these nut/poppy seed rolls for the very first time this holiday season!! Merry Christmas to all! Tina (N.E. Pennsylvania)








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1 cake of yeast = 1 packet of yeast = 2 1/4 tsp of yeast.


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the word that got me here was "large"... are there large and small cakes of yeast??

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I don't believe so, unless your recipe is referring to some non-standard measurement.

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Thank you so much. will be attempting this bread ..this weekend. will keep you posted !

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HI, I baked the nut roll ! the yeast info was great ! thank you ! it turned out wonderful. The recipe was easy.. and "kneading it' with the kitchen aid mixer dough hook.. well, it made it even easier. I can remember my mom kneading it by hand years ago.. sometimes it took her quite some time to "get out of the dough" as she would say...


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Glad it came out so well for you.  Congrats on your first attempt.  smile.gif

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I am from N.E. Pa. too. I made nut roll for the first time this year.  The dough turned out fine (I couldn't find cake yeast so I used dry)  I had trouble with the filling.  Though delious, the nutty filling was gritty(sugar).  Any suggestions on that?  Debbie

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