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Keeping Bread fresh

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Ok , I usually bake my breads the morning of the event or night before.  This time it is not possible.  So I am baking breads today for Thursday.  What is the best way to keep them the freshest.  I will have light and dark rye, oatmeal,  crescents, and white rolls.  My fiend has said to freeze, however we will be traveling 7 hours Wednesday.

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I agree with the advice. And also, put it in an airtight bag or ziplock bag. :)

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thanks to information...... Bread is something we all eat. Some of us go through a loaf of bread quicker than others. Sometimes it can be difficult keeping bread fresh........


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There's another way of making it fresh. You can also put it in a freezer and re-baked it once it is ready. :)

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