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I need some advice

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I'm a 17 year old senior in High school.  I work at a Hotel restaurant as a cook.  I want to go to the Art institution of Philadelphia ,but I dont want to have lots of loans so is it worth it to go to culinary school. I have been working as a cook since may and I want to gain as much experience as I can because I know experience is more important than a degree,but I dont know if I should go to a culinary school or a County college. I want to some day move up and become a sous chef then executive chef. I also take Culinary arts honors in high school and its not helping me at all and I'm not learning what I expected its just like a home Ec Class.

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Search the other threads on this forum, and you will see that I have advised people to AVOID Art Institutes, and Le Cordon Bleu, because they are merely frauds! Research the many class-action lawsuits filed against both of them.

Check Shaw Guides for a community college program.

Contact ACF for an Apprenticeship Program.

So You Wanna Be a Chef

Good luck.

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I think I remember you posting months ago about this. So you don't want loans...that takes AI off the table. Do you know of any community colleges in your area? Have you applied? Have you visited? 


It's great you are already working in the business. Do you want to be a Sous and Exec Chef in the corporate side of the industry or what other directions are you considering??


Education is necessary but it's just a matter of determining how you will be educated. 



See the truth about the culinary education industry at 
See the truth about the culinary education industry at 
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Yes I did post months ago as-well.  I haven visited any schools yet.

I want to always be in the kitchen doing something I like the feeling of a fast paced kitchen.

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I have worked in restaurants from the age of 14, and then at 20 I went to George Brown Culinary Institute (Toronto, Ontario, CA). Quite honestly it made absolutely no difference in the amout I am paid or the positions I am offered. Most restaurants look at the amount and type of experience you have, versus the Shiney School you attended. My schooling only cost me $2400, so I would say it was worth it, but if it costs you more than that, run the other direction. My best advice is to keep cooking, you're knowledge and experience will get you the job, and most places will hire you if you offer to take night courses at a local college. Or just challenge the Red Seal...

Best of luck!

Chef Ness

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