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need garlic slicing suggestions

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I prepare and sell shelled peanuts that are deep fried with garlic slices. Currently I am using a hand cranked rotary slicer (Tovolo brand) to slice my garlic nearly paper thin, which suits my needs. The problem I am running into is that although it does the job, it frequently jams up , which can be frustrating. I need something that will slice the garlic as consistently thin, but not jam up. I also need something that is faster than the manual one that I have. I thought about the "salad shooter" but I don't know how thin the fine blade is. If anyone has experience with any device that will do the job, I would be very appreciative.

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I can't vouch personally for this, but at $15 it seems like it would at least be worth the risk?


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Actually, it looks almost exactly like the Tovolo slicer that I have at home. The exception is that this one has something that presses the garlic down onto the blades. THIS is what I need!!! Thank you tremendously!

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Unfortunately, the blog spot site http://prouditaliancook.blogspot.com/2007/09/my-new-best-friendin-kitchen.html was three years old and the Williams-Sonoma web site does not carry this product. I emailed them requesting more info about it. Will see if they return my request and give me an update. I can't seem to find this product anywhere on the web either. Hopefully I can find something useful.

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What quantity of sliced garlic do you need to prep daily? If it's not too much, try a "truffle slicer" - it's a kind of mandolin, with a much thinner opening and more consistent thickness. You can slice garlic so thin it's translucent. Wrapping a thin damp cloth around your fingers will protect them from the blade too. Though I wouldn't want to do much more than around a half a kilo at a time!

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I've searched a bunch.. and for your purposes I think gobblygook is right with a rotary slicer similar to that first one. If you search for "rotary slicer" you can have your pick.


Here's one for just 10.00 http://www.graphicice.com/index.php/action/prodspec/itemID/342988339


If you need volume and control over the thickness.. then don't take my word for this particular blade, but I would think based on how much I love my Cuisinart .. if you invested in a blade like this.. it's ultra-thin 1mm.. and you could absolutely rip through peeled cloves. You'd have a little loss from the ends, and would need to clear it, at least I have to when I shred cabbage for coleslaw, but the volume and speed and ridiculous. You could rip through enough garlic in 10 minutes to handle 500 customers I'm sure.



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