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Well I Finally Did It...

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The ideas been around in my head for a while and I finally applied to George Brown for September, woo!


What actually compelled me to finally do it was spending 5 or 6 months working as a cook, as strange as it is to say I didnt mind the 12 hour days, nor did I mind the days when someone called in sick and a cruise ship just happened to unload 3000 tourists with full wallets at the front of our street, sure it was exhausting but there was a strange kind of excitement to it all and I was really able to put myself into my work and create something I was proud of, even if resources were somewhat limited. This was not my first job working with food, I had done prep prior to this, but my first time actually making it fresh to order.


Now, enough of that - my question is that if accepted, I have 5 or so months to prepare prior to moving to Toronto to attend, I want to know what all of you can reccomend in terms of preparation, things I can do so I dont walk into the school completely oblivious, educating myself in advance so to speak in order to set me a bit above those around me, I've heard it said here that this is a highly competitive setting and would like to give myself a leg up as much as possible. Secondly, what can I expect once I am there? I have never known anyone who attended a culinary school, and have no idea what I'm in for.


Thank you in advance, look forward to chatting with you all on these forums.

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The best thing you can do is to get a job in a kitchen.  Any kitchen, doing anything.  Yep.  It counts.  :)


Good luck!

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