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Haha. Filets well done should be ordered "why bother."
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Originally Posted by foodnfoto View Post

Just yesterday I had a man come into our coffee shop and request a large latte "but without much milk." 

I gave him a confused look and asked if he might prefer a cappuccino.

Thankfully, he was satisfied.

Milk/cream in coffee=BLECH!


A nice dark roast, black, is the way to go.


Lately i've begun to appreciate the 'Americanos' that i've been making at work with the new espresso machine. It's like a warm coffee hug in the mouth.

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Originally Posted by ShiChangChu View Post

I forgot one of my favorite that I still hear. Hollandaise but very hot, like boiling hot.



I only laugh because i hear that request most every week during brunch.

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Yeah the other hollandaise request I've gotten is no butter.

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somehow I don't think boiling hot hollandaise would work too well... haha

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My 2 all time favorites:


I'm allergic to SALT, but I'll have the shrimp.


Bacon cheeseburger, sub veggie burger

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My personal favorite it: " Is this fish a fishy, fish"?  The other day I had one of the waiters at work ring in a ticket that said " filet- well done". besides the obvious, that person was also in a rush and requested timely service, to which I replied "ok, to make it much faster as if he wouldn't mind if I butterfly the filet " the waiter came back and replied with " he said he does not want you to butterfly it because he would like it to be juicy still" (sound of a full service line of laughter)

Also the "somewhere between medium rare and medium"

the " can I have mine medium rare with no pink, please?"

on more than one occasion Ive gotten from the middle aged women "hmmm.. I never know how I like my steak cooked is medium rare bloody? honey how do I like my steak"? How in 45 years do you  not know how you like your meats prepared?

anyway those are my few.

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