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Catering costing question

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I am new here and need a little help support and guidance. I am catering a buffet for 200 people and serving 5 different courses and desert/cookies


I have spent years working in kitchens and know how they work! but I have no idea on costing, so the prep and serving etc of this event is a piece of cake but the costing is driving me mad! the budget of the event is low and I am using it to push my new business forward. does any one know any free AND useful programmes to help me from loosing my mind on this one??? 


the menu I looking to using is 


chicken noodle soup 


pulled pork, homemeade coleslaw and buns,

mac and cheese

shephards pie

lasagne (could be replaced)

chicken pot pie




cupcake style deserts



any help to help this work would be greatly appreciated


either email here or at leahsmartie@hotmail.com


I  really look forward to your help


thanks in advance


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that's a pretty entree heavy menu for a "low budget".....sometimes customers need to know they can not expect filet mignon at hamburger prices. 


food costs




cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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