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Will cook for feedback. (Eggplant)

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Man that guy needs to work on his subject lines.


I have a few packages with 1-2 eggplants each in 3/4 inch slices frozen that I need to use up.


The wife is burnt out on Parmesian and I am now burnt out on Babaganoush.


I will cook for free for feedback on ideas for getting rid of this eggplant.  I refuse to throw away good food and need a simple delicious recipe that I can cook hopefully without thawing first but that is acceptable if necessary.


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Confit byaldi.




Eggplant caviar.


Eggplant and chili jam.




İmam bayıldı.


Grilled eggplant slices marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Eggplant Tian or Flan.


Papeton d'aubergines, coulis de tomates (better if you sliced the eggplant in length).


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slice planks, cube it, roast it with bell peppers, butternut squash cubes, onions and shallots - some olive oil, salt and pepper.


While you're turning that in the pan, add just a little chicken stock to turn-up the fond in the pan, and get some flavor from your mix.


Get the thing par-cooked, dump evenly in a baking sheet or casserole - into the oven @ 300F


Add some chicken breasts to your skillet of tasty fond you pulled from the eggplant mix, cook the breasts, add some butter for browning just before the end.


Plate the chicken on top of your oven-baked mix, and add a trendy rosemary sprig of you like.


Pipe some mashed potatoes on the side, maybe some dirty rice for a starch.




Do or Do not - There is no Try. - Yoda
Do or Do not - There is no Try. - Yoda
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Thanks for the feedback.  I am getting back into cooking more and always appreciate the time you nice people spend to answer my questions.  I use your help to guide me.


Tonight I made a chicken corn creme soup from or the like and was very happy with the outcome.



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