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If you live in Kennesaw, GA you're required to own at least 1 gun, along with an adequate supply of ammo, otherwise you are subject to a fine:


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No firearms for me; unfortunately we (Canadians) can not purchase a firearm even with a license under the clause of using it for home protection or self defense, a local CFO can refuse to issue you your license if you list that as your reason for taking the course for the license. 


I'm not completely defenseless though;

1 - though it would still be illegal to use, I do have a couple pellet and airsoft guns around.  Would be a last resort should I be threatened with a firearm myself.

2 - my old karate weapons, though I haven't gone to a class in about 10 years I still know how to wield them.  I got a pair of sais, tonfa, a boe fighting stick about 6ft long, and an old bujistu training sword.  I also have a couple of folding knives, easily concealable.  Option 1 for lightly armed intruders (no firearms).


Thats something I don't like about being here in Canada, the law isn't very clear when it comes to making citizens arrest.  So much so that people who've been victimized end up getting into trouble with the law when trying to defend their homes and businesses.  Since the whole incident involving a local David Chen ( ), theres been some movement to clear up these misconceptions which in the past has allowed police and the courts to punish the victim under laws against vigilantism. 


I don't recall when it was but I heard a story of a retired serviceman who caught a bunch of drunk kids vandalizing his property in rural Saskatchewan I think confronted them with an unloaded shotgun pointed to the ground and simply pumped it.  Now local authorities are pressing charges for misuse of a firearm.  Absolutely stupid.  Only way, from what I've been told, to avoid legal action when using a firearm to defend yourself and/or your property is if you shoot to kill otherwise the other party is left alive to claim they where not there to do any harm because you can legally only use lethal force in the defense of your life.

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On this aspect Switzerland really sticks out.


Every male who isn't in a wheelchair gets drafted into the army for a while.  There you are issued a weapon, and after service you are required to keep it in your home.


If you are issued a "Sturmgewehr" or assualt rifle as the majority are, you MUST  score a passing grade at the local rifle range once a month.  Failure to do so results in fines and repeat courses.  I got lucky, was issued a 9 mm sig handgun and was exempt from monthly target practice.


There are fines for not keeping your weapon stored properly, and mega-fines and jail time for keeping your weapon and ammunition stored together.


It is totally normal to go to someone's home, apartment, etc, hang up your coat in the closet and stare face to face with an assualt rifle.


Not exactly a perfect world, as there are always new stories about someone going beserk and using the gun for something else...... 

It isn't as clear cut here as you seem to make it. On 13 February we had a national vote concerning keeping guns at home. 57% of the populace voted to keep them. This issue was strongly debated in the months prior to the vote and for a while looked like the anti-gun at home group would win. They had a 13% lead in the early polls to begin with but it soon dwindled.

The Swiss have a strong identity with rifles and guns. Many viewed the vote as an attempt to remove tradition and freedom from the Swiss culture. Sound familiar?

Anyway, the initiative started four years ago and with the idea to cut down on the number of suicides and incidents of domestic violence. Once the voting was over the newspapers ran headlines declaring that tradition and freedom was alive still. One paper even stated “William Tell is safe. He can sleep in peace.” Funny when you remember that not too long ago there was a big issue here on whether Willy actually existed or not.

If Wile E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that ACME stuff, why didn't he just buy dinner?
If Wile E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that ACME stuff, why didn't he just buy dinner?
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If the property was my home, I'd shoot the bastard.

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I would probably take after this sign:



Absolutely hilarious

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I wouldn't have to do anything, I let my 120 pound German Shepherd, Vito Genovese, take care it.


Windows Photo Gallery Wallpaper.jpg


My handsome puppy!!


How does it go again , I can run to the gate in three seconds...


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The truth hurts! Use a large gun.

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