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Tap Water 'Catering' Help!

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Hi everyone!


I'm a college student involved with providing tap water to large events. This is the first time we're going to try and provide tap water (instead of bottled water) at a huge event and we have no idea how to efficiently 'cater' the tap water. We're going to have a total crowd number of about 1000, and the diners will be rotating out of the dining room. So the room will generally hold 300-400 at a time. How many water coolers do we need so that we will have enough time to refill them and enough coolers to quench everyone's thirst? How many people should be on staff?


I'm not sure if I put this question in the right place. If not, please tell me where it should go. :)



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Is this a buffet type setting or plated meal?



If everyone had an 8oz glass of water, 16 per gallon, you would use about 65 gallons.


If this was an informal buffet setting, I would use 5 gal cambro drink dispensers


You should have 4- 5 of them spread around the room so there is not a line for water.


Don't know about staffing, need to know more about what type of service.


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Definitely informal buffet setting. We've got a few 5 gal water coolers so we'll spread them out in the dining room. As for the staffing, we were thinking about having people help fill up 100 or so cups beforehand so kids can come in and grab water since we don't want a line for water to form.


Thanks so much for the quick response! This is so helpful. :)

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I think you have it under control.....Good idea for the kids, they will play with the dispenser and make a mess getting their own drink.

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