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Haha it's offensive to claim to be chef while showing up at the restaurant at four o clock. Don't the servers show up then? I know chef de parties that put in seventy hours. Try not to get a big head. Once you do, others will be reluctant to teach you anything.
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Wow, I'd be curious to find out what happened with this kid. I'd hire him! Either way, he's got a bright future ahead of him in cooking if that's the path he chose.

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Cockaleekee.... Not soup. It's a medical term for when things are dripping downstairs. wink.gif
Sorry couldn't pass on it!

Sounds like you're doing great so far. Use this experience as a stepping stone into another, continue to move around cooking various ethnic foods as well as fine dining. Then go get the diploma, you will go far! Don't let this restaurant give you a title and an ego or you'll pay latter. Oh, don't forget prom, parties and high school hi jinx either... Those are the good old days, have some.
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omg stop feeding the troll people.

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Originally Posted by ChefBillyB View Post

First of all welcome to Cheftalk, second of all, you really didn't work as a Sous, you were a cook, third of all you are now Kitchen manage and not the Executive Chef. Ok, now that that's behind us, the weight is off your shoulder's, now make plans for the Prom. Just tell them you want to be a working Kitchen manager, tell them to figure out the rest..........You only 17 years old, how much past experience and new ideas can you bring to the table...........Your only 17 once, enjoy it.....ChefBillyB
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Chef Billy,
Why didn't he work as a Sous Chef because he was on the line? Why wasn't he a executive chef and as you say he is a kitchen manager? I got news for you Chef Billy a Executive Chef wears many hats including a kitchen managers and in the real world sous chefs do work on the line. It sounds like because this guy is young and in the role of executive chef you have issue with this obviously this young man can cook and just because hes obtained this title doesn't mean he knows everything either.I've been in the hospitality industry for twenty four years the last 15 as a chef. I'm a graduate from a accredited culinary school with a advanced degree in food science and still work the line some of the time.
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And still try to learn something new every day as well.
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