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Grant Achatz's "Next" and "Aviary"

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Good morning to everyone!


Just wanted to get your inputs on Grant Achatz's new projects called Next and Aviary. General opinions, information (such as when they will open) and other random thoughts are appreciated.


From what I've seen of Next, I'm intrigued by the idea of a sort of historic food concept.



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Chicago magazine just had article about Aviary in this months issue. It talked about the menu changing every few months and that the food would be reminiscent of a time and place in history (like doing a menu from the HMS Titanic). The article had a few examples from an

hor d oeuvre selection that looked great. One, was a Torchon of Foi Gras in a slice of brioche (how'd he do that???) or a custard with caviar inside a slice of leek. Cool stuff, not the norm.


You don't make a reservation to the place but buy a non refundable ticket to dine there.

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Here's an update. I found the article. The Chef's name is Dave Beran's and is a protege of Chef Achatz's. The restaurant was "Next" not Aviary. The menu changes every 3 months. Right now it's feature is Paris 1906. You can read all about it at nextrestaurant.com

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Opening Night @ "NEXT"


th_256509127_Next_playbill_cover_122_1185lo.jpg th_256509613_Playbill_menu_122_599lo.jpg th_565249722_Next_menu_sm_122_1120lo.jpg th_565099871_app_platter_122_413lo.jpg th_575956887_App2_123_223lo.jpg th_575194845_App2a_122_359lo.jpg th_565118652_Apps_anchquegg_porkquen_mushr_122_93lo.jpg th_565120430_bb_Turtle_consomme_122_366lo.jpg th_565127563_c_Sole_crayfish_122_195lo.jpg th_565130276_d_chicken_122_591lo.jpg th_565146869_e_Duck_122_432lo.jpg th_565164997_e2Gratin_Dauphinoise_122_249lo.jpg th_565167232_f1_Salade_Erma1_122_144lo.jpg th_565174429_f2_Salade_Erma2_122_361lo.jpg th_565294328_y_Bombe_122_193lo.jpg th_565304652_z_Bombe_sauces_122_542lo.jpg th_565307824_z2_mignardises_122_94lo.jpg

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Oh wow, did you attend Iceman?

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NO. I can't afford the eats at places like "NEXT". Those pics are from a wine-geek friend who can.




The dishes included: a brioche slice filled with foie, topped with a fig jam quenelle (middle of pic 1), a quenelle of the essence of pork, on a tiny thick saltine cracker (rt. and l sides of pic 1 and pic 3), a slice of mackerel on a lightly poached quail egg (pic 4), mushroom paté of the deities wrapped in leek (pics 3 +4), turtle consomme (pic 5), Filet de Sole Daumont: a roulade of sole stuffed with crayfish mousse, along with a crayfish shell stuffed with the same mousse, and a crayfish creme brulee base (pic 6), Supremes de Poussin: cylinders of chicken mousse inside a cucumber, wrapped with a thin blanket of pork belly and a parallelogram of sous vide breast enrobed with a foie gras emulsion (pic 7), Caneton Rouenais a la Presse (duck): sous vide breast, roasted/seared with confit legs and thighs accompanied by a sauce made from the remainder of the whole duck's pressed juices (pic 8), Gratin de Pomme Terre a la Dauphinoise (pic 9), Salade Irma: a single flower over friseé and baby asparagus tips, in a grapeseed oil/lemon/white vinegar emulsion (pics 10 and 11), Bombe Ceylan (pics 12 and 13), pistachio nougat cylinders dusted with a fine cocoa, beet gelee half domes with a coating of fine granulated sugar and a salt caramels (pic 14). I'm not sure what was in the eggshells of pic 2 (sorry).

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What I've read about Next which is interesting to me is the price isn't always the same, even though its the same meal. Since you buy tickets beforehand instead of buying the meal at the restaurant as per the norm, a ticket at 7:30 on a Saturday night is going to cost alot more than a ticket at 5:30 on Wednesday night (the time I'm going to shoot for). I've just been putting away $15-$20 a paycheck to save up an go. Now if only I could get a freakin reservation.

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It's supposed to have a new menu every three(3) months. They are currently sold so you cannot even see the calendar. They have been releasing some tables here and there which they announce on facebook and twitter. When the calendar shows up - dates with available times are highlighted and you can click on them. If you can't click on the date there are no tables. Supposedly those on the mailing list receive emails, in stages, to register and purchase tickets. Evidently, the public will have open access to tickets beginning May 1st. You have to have signed up on the website "to be notified" and they are working through that list sending out emails giving people the ability to register to see available tickets. The list was started in May of last year and was capped at 19,000 people. They have currently, I believe released emails to those that have signed up between May and July of last year. There is a lot of good information on their facebook page if you are interested in more precise details. Although the majority of the tables for the 1st menu Paris 1906 are sold out they are releasing 10 tables here and there to give people the opportunity to go. People literally sit on their computers hitting the refresh button. They release tables randomly so you need to monitor their twitter feed or facebook page and they will give you a better idea. The tables are literally gone in seconds. You can also monitor their facebook page as many people bought tickets and can't use them so they are selling them at face value.





(Hire me and I'll take you.)



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It's just a restaurant!!!!! 

How silly that people have to jump through ropes just to eat in a restaurant.

For now, it's just a Rave....a new and unusual thing.

When all the hoopla dies down, at the end of the day, it's just a place to dine.


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LOL my friend. Have you ever heard of Thomas Keller's highly acclaimed restaurant, The French Laundry?  It's a quaint little place in Yountville, California. They are reservation only, filled by 10:30 every day, two(2) months in advance. They offer two(2) wonderfully unique 9-course tasting menus prix fixe @ $270 each. They also have a nice 110-page wine list, and offer BYO corkage @ $75/btl. 




Grant just so happens to have been a student of Keller's, having spent four years at The French Laundry, rising to the position of sous chef. He is also a grad of the CIA. 


This is how people like to enjoy culinary delights at these price levels. 




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