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Writing here with my hopes of finding people who are interested in food from different cultures as we are.
I have, together with a friend, started a project to collect recipes from all around the world to gather on one website. Combining my biggest interests, cooking, culture and webb.

So in short, we are looking for kind souls from all over the world who wants to contribute with recipes that are peculiar to your country and your culture. It is both desirable and natural for us to credit you at said website if that's OK, preferably with your name and also a picture if that is OK with you of course. (A story behind your recipe would also be very much appreciated.)

The reason we want to include this is because we want to make both the site and the recipes personal since we think that would make the recipes and the site in general much more interesting to explore. But of course there is no problem at all to be totally anonymous.

Do you want to contribute with one or more recipes send an email to either of us, respond in this thread or send a PM containing recipes and the country it involves. And please do not forget an “OK” to publish your name for instance if you wish to include this.

If you wish, we will also save your email and contact you when this project is launched, which is planned to early 2012.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks in advance!

Alexander and Adam