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chilli growers

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hi all is there any chilli growers out there , i am an avid chilli lover and grower

this year i am growing as follows



bhut jolikia


agi crystal

chocolate habanero

scotch bonnet


have been growing and cooking with chillis for about 5 years now


will upload some pics of my grow season shortly


i am also a member of this friendly forum

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I've been growing chilis for about 30 years. I generally grow between 5 and 10 types. Today, I was thinking about what kinds I'll be growing this year, but haven't made a decision yet. Jalapenos, Hungarian peppers, cayenne,and Serranos are a given, but I don't know what else yet. I have seeds for several dozen varieties.


I need to decide pretty quickly because I want to start my seeds tomorrow.

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wow granny thats a long time ,, hope you have planted plenty this year

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I didn't get my seeds planted today, as planned. It was horribly windy and rain threatened (and followed through on that threat). The lid on the cold frame is big and heavy and I was afraid it would get broken, so I'm waiting till the wind dies down. Hopefully, I can plant them tomorrow. I'm kind of impulsive, so I don't know which ones I'll plant yet, but I'll post after they're planted and let you know. I'll probably end up planting around 5 or 6 dozen seeds of various types, maybe more. 

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hi granny has that wind died down yet hehehehe got some pics will post them later

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It's still windy today. I hung out some bedding and had to go back out and put more clothespins on it because the wind blew it down.


It doesn't look like I'll have time to plant before Friday now. I hope the wind has died down by then. This wind is very unusual for here. We seldom get so much as a breeze, even during storms.


Looking forward to the pics. When I get a chance, I'll post some, too, although not much is growing right now (too early). Even my asparagus is only about 2" tall. 

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I couldn't plant the peppers yesterday. A tornado touched down about 6 miles from me. I told you it was windy!


It was still a little breezy today, but I thought it might be my best chance to plant this week, so I did. In addition to the aforementioned varieties, I planted Long Thin Cayenne, Golden Marconi, Red Mushroom, Spanish Mammoth, Poblano, Thai Red Chili, Italian Pepperoncini, and Ashe County Pimento.

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peace.gifWoooo,dont 4get to take a fan along with u when u go to toilet !!!!lol.gif


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I started out with seeds, and now they are all out in 4 in. pots day and night. They will get in the ground within 10 days. i have NM Jalmundo jalapeno, NM Vaquero jalapeno, NM New Heritage 6-4, Serrano Tampiqueno, Poblano, Chile de Arbol, Atilla habanero, Bondo Ma Jacque habanero, Orange habanero, and Red Savina habanero. I also have Grandma's Pick and Roma tomatoes. I'll have pics to follow.

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